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Thread: Study: Canadian Beer Drinkers Threaten Planet

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    Study: Canadian Beer Drinkers Threaten Planet

    [QUOTE]Scientists have found a new threat to the planet: Canadian beer drinkers.

    The government-commissioned study says the old, inefficient "beer fridges" that one in three Canadian households use to store their Molson and Labatt's contribute significantly to global warming by guzzling gas- and coal-fired electricity.

    "People need to understand the impact of their lifestyles," British environmental consultant Joanna Yarrow tells New Scientist magazine. "Clearly the environmental implications of having a frivolous luxury like a beer fridge are not hitting home. This research helps inform people — let's hope it has an effect."

    The problem is that the beer fridges are mostly decades-old machines that began their second careers as beverage dispensers when Canadians upgraded to more energy-efficient models to store whatever Canadians eat besides doughnuts and poutine.

    University of Alberta researcher Denise Young, who led the study, suggests that provincial authorities hold beer-fridge buy-backs or round-ups to eliminate the threat — methods that Americans use to get guns off the streets.




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    I don't have a beer fridge, I just make room in the one fridge we have, and keep the rest in the extra igloo we built;)

    That said, I did give my sister-in-law grief one day when I went out to her "beer fridge" in the pool house and found twelve beers, twelve pops, and some freezies....I think you could probably squeeze that stuff in a small bar fridge compared to a full size house refrigerator.


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