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Thread: OT: The iPod Touch - The Best Christmas Present

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    Best Christmas Present for Co-workers:

    A card stating that ______ amount of money was donated to a made up fund (ie. "The Human Fund) in your co-workers name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RutgersJetFan View Post
    Yeah I have a first gen which lacks the speaker, it's the one feature that I wish it had for game purposes. Download the EasyWriter app by the way, it's free in iTunes and it enables you to use the wider keyboard for emailing. I highly recomend the Remote app as well if you have your computer hooked up to your stereo. It enables you to control the music playing on your Comp through your Touch wirelessly acting like a remote. Both are free. Darts and Tapdefense are the two best free games IMO.
    I'll have to try the EasyWriter App. I did download the Remote App and had some fun with that. My friend was using my laptop and I kept changing my song and putting videos on from my Touch. That was fun. And yes the speaker for this is freaking awesome.


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