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Thread: Larry Craig files a brief to be able to remove not guilty plea (again)

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    Larry Craig files a brief to be able to remove not guilty plea (again)

    In a release today, Sen. Larry Craig's (R-ID) attys announced they had filed a brief in the MN Court of Appeals seeking to allow Craig to withdraw his guilty plea.

    Craig lead atty Billy Martin: “Our brief contains legal arguments supporting Senator Craig's position that the district court abused its discretion by refusing to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea. Pursuant to Minnesota law, there is an insufficient factual basis to support the finding that he is guilty of violating any laws while passing through the Minneapolis airport. Thus, we renew our arguments that it is manifestly unjust to deny Senator Craig’s request to withdraw his guilty plea. The State has forty-five days in which to file a responsive brief. Throughout this trying time, Senator Craig has maintained his innocence and has remained a dedicated public servant who continues to serve the people of Idaho with honor and distinction, as he has done for the past 27 years."

    From the Hotline blog

    Looks like he's not going to let this die down... if this continues until November, it only hurts the GOP in a very bad year for them

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    This guy is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cr726 View Post
    This guy is an idiot.
    What else is there to say, CR pretty much sums it up right there.


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