Today's Friendly Mod Message......

The level and aggressiveness of personal insult, attack and outright hostile rudeness has exceeded an appropriate level of late, even for our usual "Wild West" atmosphere of unlimited discussion and open debate.

Put simply, FAR too many here (and I am as guilty at times as anyone) are attacking posters, and not issues. I know election season is aggressive season, but there are still limits.

So I am going to ask nicely, lets try to keep our verbal assults squarely on the ISSUES, directed at the issues, and relevant to the issues, and not aimed at each other personally. Calling an argument assine is fine. Calling another poster a stupid ass isn't so much.

I don't particulrly want to have to moderate in here, I want us to self-police, and retain the wonderful sense of autonomy Sooth has seen fit to allow in this specific forum (where many of the rules of the rest of the board do not and have not applied as yet).

But if people cannot start to limit their attacks to the issues at hand, moderation may become required.

Fair Warning my friends. Think before you hit the "post", please.

Thank you, and happy election season.