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Thread: Who can we trade down with?

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    Who can we trade down with?

    If Chris Long (or possibly Jake Long) doesn't fall to us then I don't see a whole lot of value for us at #6. On the other hand, I think this draft offers better value in the middle 1st or 2nd. So, I know it's early but who are some teams that could be potential trade partners for the 6th spot?

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    Baltimore, Chicago (QB), Dallas (DMC)

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    It's going to be tough to answer that Q this year because things are so uncertain in those 1st 5 spots. Our best hope is that some team behind us panics at the thought that another team behind us but in front of them is going to take the Qb they want.

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    Yeah i think Chicago, and Detroit are two big contenders, because they are both looking for top shelf QBs. While this draft seems QB rich I could see either of these teams making the jump for brohm (or ryan if for some reason the falcons don't take him).

    Detroit this year was just left with the situation where they finished the season off very weak, and now they don't have their normal high draft pick to look forward to (while maybe rethinking the decision to not go QB in the first last year)

    Chicago just knows they need to get their QB situation straitened the eff out and might feel the need to trade a couple of pics to fill their one huge glaring hole (being that like many other teams they don't have quite as many huge holes to fill, maybe RB but nothing nearly as significant)

    Both would land us right about the mid-teens and i think with another pick later on we could put some things together.

    BUT my first and foremost priority is Chris Long, this is ONLY if we cannot get him.

    (plus i like this thread so i wanted to give it a bump)

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    My guess is any team that is in the market for a QB (e.g., Baltimore, Chicago).


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