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Thread: Piney's Mock Offseason

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    Piney's Mock Offseason

    ok, I have been very reluctant to do this....but it seems like so much fun to come up with a possible but improbable offseason for the Jets...

    some notes, I am trying to be realistic with the free agent signings and the draft is a sort of "if everything breaks just right". Here goes....

    Trade Chad Pennington and the 1st round draft pick to the Minnesota Vikings for their 1st, 2nd, and a conditional pick in next year's draft.

    {The Vikings need a QB who can manage a game and with the weapons they have I believe Chad is a very attractive choice. This move alone could make them a dangerous playoff contender next season. Add moving up in the draft and we could probably grab the 2nd round pick where there is a lot of value}

    Trade Jon Vilma and a conditional pick in next year's draft to the Lions for Roy Williams.

    {No one thinks that the Lions will be able to keep him when he becomes a free agent in 2009. Vilma could fit in that defense and with the stadium conditions the way they are at Ford's Field (is that still the name? These corporate stadiums confuse me!) he may be faster than ever. He could become a real game breaker for them. We would have to offer up something else besides Vilma to net a stud like Williams, I am going with a conditional pick in next year's draft which most likely would be the 1st or 2nd pick in 2009, going on the premise that the Lions would be looking to clear up some cap space and have the money in 2009 to sign 2 1st round picks.}

    Trade D-rob to the Carolina Panthers for Ken Lucas

    {I am not sure if this would work but my thoughts are that Lucas may be available. He has had some injury issues and makes a lot of money (I think he signed a six year 36 mil contract) but Carolina has two DT leaving for free agency creating a need for a DT in the 4-3 they run. So this may be a long shot but I think the salaries work (I think Lucas made over 6mil last season, from what I read, although I could be wrong) and a needs basis for both teams.}

    Free agent signings:

    Floyd Womack LG {this guy played both G and T on the left side and isn't happy with his role in Seattle. He will look to go somewhere he can start. He has experience which the Jets need and a solid frame at 6'4" in the 320-330lbs range. }

    Jordan Gross RT {This guy is a solid former first round pick who has been a mainstay on the Panther O-Line. The Jets may have to cough up some dough to pry him away from Carolina but it will be worth it. He can slide right in and take on a leadership role with this line. And he is only 27 years old to boot.}

    Kawika Mitchell LB {He can play well enough and good for some solid depth}

    Billy Volek QB {He is a solid back-up with experience starting for a team.I like him more than any of the other free agent QB's out there.}


    Round 1 (from the Vikings) DE Derrick Harvey {Fast, Strong, demands double teams, everything the Jets need.)

    Round 2 DE-OLB Quentin Groves {This guy will probably work out as a quality 3-4 OLB in the NFL, great speed and good tackler. Good Size at 6'3" 250lbs. Some say he may be a first round pick but could slip into the upper 2nd round.}

    Round 2 (from the Viking) CB Justin King { Jets need to upgrade and create some competition with their DB's. If this guy is available at 47 it would be surprising, but you never know}

    Round 3 QB Joe Flacco {I think he could slip to the third round due to the competition he faced. Yet another long shot but I did say if everything breaks right. I don't think it is impossible to grab this guy and then have a three-way QB competition. He is big, has a strong arm, and makes great reads. He looks like he could be a lot of fun to watch who knows?}

    Round 4 DE Kendell Langford {This guy may be gone by the third round but could fall to early 4th (one of the good things about drafting so early in each round) if he does slip it would be a great pick-up. His stock is rising a bit though so who knows. He is big and strong, and some people think he could play end and tackle, if he bulks up.}

    Round 5 TE John Carlson {Only Jet fans know who Chris Baker is. Bring in a kid with a lot of upside to compete with him. This guy has nice size, can catch the ball and block. Needs to bulk up a bit and isn't speed demon, which could cause him to drop here, he could be a solid TE in the NFL.}

    Round 6 WR Todd Blythe {NFL scouts don't seem to be too high on this kid. A tall (6'5) sure-handed producer. He doesn't seem to have the best speed which may hold him back. He could slip to late fifth round and early sixth round. Some places I looked had him in the seventh which I don't see, but what the heck do I know.}

    ROund 7 OT King Dunlap {Very big OT who seems to be a bit of a porject and doesn't play to his size, but with such an awesome name how can you not grab this guy?}

    Team then would look something like this

    QB Clemens/Volek/Flacco
    RB Jones/Washington
    FB Kowalewski
    TE Baker/Carlson
    WR WIliams/Coles/Cotchery/Blythe
    LT D'Brick
    LG Womack
    C Mangold
    RG Moore
    RT Gross
    DE Ellis/Harvey/Coleman
    DT Pouha/Langford
    OLB Groves/Thomas/Bowens
    ILB Harris/Barton/Mitchell
    FS Coleman/Elam
    SS Rhodes
    CB Revis/Lucas/King/Miller (thanks Revis for the catch!)

    Now I know you can't fix all the problems in one year, hence we still would have a need to upgrade ILB and DB depth in 2009. Plus you would have an open competition for the QB job. Hopefully this would be a turn in the right direction.

    sorry if this is a little long.....and I hope it made sense and I didn't screw up any factual information.
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    -Harvey is a 3-4 OLB not DE.

    -Im really not to high on the Pennington trade b/c the value of #6 is worth the Vikes 1st, 2nd and a little more. We would trade all the way down in the 1st round for a pick in next years draft?

    -Ken Lucas is not a safety, why would we make him one?

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    [QUOTE=Revis;2332514]-Harvey is a 3-4 OLB not DE.

    -Im really not to high on the Pennington trade b/c the value of #6 is worth the Vikes 1st, 2nd and a little more. We would trade all the way down in the 1st round for a pick in next years draft?

    -Ken Lucas is not a safety, why would we make him one?[/QUOTE]

    I knew I screwed something up....I meant to grab Lucas as a CB and for some reason wrote safety. I will fix that.

    I have read in a number of places that Harvey could be a DE in the 3-4 but I could be wrong.

    Also for Chad we would swap 1sts, get a second rounder in this years draft, and then also get a pick next year. I don't think a straight swap of first rounders would get the 2nd round pick alone...I know the value board says yes but I just think this year's draft player quality concerning those 6-13 picks don't.
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