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Thread: ***Are the Jets a Cheap Franchise??***

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    [QUOTE=SMC;2373880]The Jets aren't cheap.

    They're just stupid with their money.[/QUOTE]


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    The Jets spend to the cap every year. And when there's no FA left to get, they renegotiate deals with signing bonuses instead of later payouts. So the cap money is better for the future.

    In fact I'd say the Jets have been too generous with their $$. Look at the insane contract given to DRob. It was the biggest in his draft class - even larger than #1 Carson Palmer. Or the contract given to Penny. Just crazy.

    Even some of our modest signings last year I'd consider over-the-top. Coleman for 20M ? Thomas Jones with 13.5M guaranteed in the first 2 years. Revis and 36M for a 6 year draft deal. All seem excessive.

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    As from a non-jets homer .. I think you guys are too frugal in places it matters the most, (the kendall situation) while you splurge in areas you cannot afford. B-tom and Kenyon and d-rob. Three very notable cases of the latter last year.

    You need to stop trying to save a few bucks by trying to find bargain talent and start actually filling positions that FIT YOUR SYSTEM. If it's mangini's 3-4 you need to just cut the guys who are too slow, too small and too old to learn and start fresh instead of trying to finagle them spots because they are cheap alternatives. This just means you end up in middle rebuilding hell for 4 years instead of 1 or 2.

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    [QUOTE=SMC;2373880]The Jets aren't cheap.

    They're just stupid with their money.[/QUOTE]


    They have been in a bad cap situation due to the deals they signed a few years back. They have been pretty much at the cap every year. They gave big contracts to Mawae (highest paid center in league history at one point) big contracts to Chrebet, Martin, Penny, D-Rob and D-Brick. They just gave the contracts to the wrong people.

    Dumb isn't cheap, it's dumb.

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    [QUOTE=intelligentjetsfan;2373763]***Are the Jets a Cheap Franchise??***[/QUOTE]


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    I would bet if you looked at our total spend on football management vs the Giants or the Pats we would be millions less maybe 10 million or more less. Low paid GM, HC and staff in the most expensive area to live in the country. On the flip side we have had two football operations under Woody and both have had very little experience and didn't and don't deserve to be highly paid until they were/are proven. We really aren't underpaying for the staff talent, we are just bringing in staff that doesn't deserve to be highly paid. Are we cheap or are we pursuing value?

    Based on both the WSS and the combined stadium Woody has pursued very big expensive projects but in both cases someone elses money was a huge portion of the project.

    What I see is the desire to be bold but the actions tend toward penny pinching. We will probably make a few bold moves toward FA's and probably will continue to fall short and overspend for second tier guys. We can make bold moves in drafts by trading up and paying more for a couple of premium talents by foregoing other potential draft talent and paying cheap prices for "hold the fort" FA's.

    The big problem we have is we are now behind the Bills and the Dolphins are under new manegment. This team is digging a deep hole that will take years to dig out of.

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    [QUOTE=thebigragu;2373780]I swear I don't think some of you will ever be able to handle winning a superbowl....What will be left to cry about.[/QUOTE]

    Amen...Just some years ago many were crying about the Cap hell the Tuna left us in with his big spending ways..:rolleyes:

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;2373785] Mangini is no Bellichek.


    Thank God :yes:


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