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Thread: This year's Randy Moss

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    Porter is not even in Randy Moss's league.

    But he would be an upgrade from McDrops Alot..

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    Why don't we start a thread where we talk about bringing in all the garbage that no one else wants... Oh .. never mind

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    [QUOTE=WestJet;2374053]Why don't we start a thread where we talk about bringing in all the garbage that no one else wants... Oh .. never mind[/QUOTE]

    A thread? There is a whole message board devoted to that very thing, see: Landing Strip

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    What the F*CK is this franchise doing?!?

    Why the HELL haven't we signed Porter yet?!?!?

    This franchise is going down the toilet. I'm thinking next Revis probably will want to rip up his contract so he can sign with NE for the league minimum. And we're probably going to donate our No. 6 pick to the Cowboys for nothing.

    F*cking Tangini.

    Edit: By the way, this was meant to be sarcastic.

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    REC Yards Avg Lng TD

    Laveranues Coles Career 561 7245 12.9 64 37 - Age 30

    Jerry Porter Career 284 3939 13.9 59 30 - Age 29

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    Disregard the last two years

    Played only a couple of game under Art Shell.

    No QB this year

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    [quote=vinit;2374137][B]Played only a couple of game under Art Shell.[/B]

    No QB this year[/quote]
    Who's fault was that?

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    [QUOTE=vinit;2373944]Jerry Porter: Jets should target this guy

    6-2; 220: Big target receiver that the jets Need.[/QUOTE]
    I have no problem with Porter (although I think he's known for being a bit of a malcontent). But the free agent WR I really want is Donte Stallworth. I know he's injury prone and he had an off year last year, partly because the Pats spread the ball around and had so many options ahead of him. But the guy was great in Philly (when healthy) and I'm assuming we could get him relatively cheap.

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    Attitude in need of adjustment. I'd give my money to a younger, hungrier player rather than to Porter. I wouldn't want to add another malcontent to the lockeroom.

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    Jerry Porter -his attitude > Lav Coles + his attitude[/QUOTE]

    Ghizn' xorosha, moi drug!

    In other words, I agree!


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