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Thread: Vilma Update: He's given permisson to seek a trade to everyone except: (merged)

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    [QUOTE=Bergen Jet;2386515]They wouldn't, he isn't a member of the AARP.[/QUOTE]

    I actually laughed (lol'D) at that one. :D

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    [QUOTE=Roger Vick;2388385]This is a good example of why the Jets will never be any good with Tannenbaum and Mangini.

    The only reason not to let Vilma talk to the Patriots is that they know the Patriots would get the better end of any deal they make.

    [B]If Tannenbaum and Mangini are such geniuses, why not trade Vilma to the Patriots and get something much more valuable in return, thus not only improving the Jets but also weakening the dominant team in your division?[/B]

    The only reason to avoid talking to one team is because you know that team's front office will eat "Tangini" for lunch. That's why the Jets under this regime will never be anything but the Patriots punching bags.[/QUOTE]

    that makes no sense. why would trading for a good player like Vilma "weaken" the Patriots*?

    Vilma may not be a great fit for the Jets, but he's still a very good LB. playing behind the Pats* defensive line, arguably the best in football, would be very different from playing behind DRob, Ellis and Coleman/Kimo.


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