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Thread: Joba on Rome is Burning

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    Joba on Rome is Burning

    Right now!

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    All I heard was... "Thanks for having me.."

    He say anything of interest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Ryan View Post

    All I heard was... "Thanks for having me.."

    He say anything of interest?
    lol, yeah unfortunately I posted this at the tail end of the interview. The first half was a good baseball talk. Joba talked about his hectic journey to the majors last year, being on different minor league teams for about a month each before making the jump with Kennedy, who he called his best friend. Then he went on to talk about the plans for this year, saying he'd do whatever the Yankees tell him to do, but that he's excited to get back into a starter's role. Said he's going to feature a 4-pitch repotoire(sp?), adding a change and a curve to his slider and fastball. Expects the change to be a big pitch for him, he's put a lot of work into getting it right. The curve he said he's gonna use to get "out in front" and that he used it 3 to 4 times last year. Doesn't expect the slider to lose its effectiveness because of re-introducing the curve. When asked if he had a preference between starting and coming out of the pen, he said when it comes down to it, they're both 60 feet, 6 inches from the plate and that's all hes worried about.

    The rest of the interview was more Pettite crap, nothing we haven't heard already.


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