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Thread: 2008 Team Over/Under Win Totals

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    2008 Team Over/Under Win Totals (scroll down)

    Here are the top 5:
    Red Sox 94 1/2 wins
    Tigers 93 1/2
    Mets 93 1/2
    Yankees 93 1/2
    Angels 92 1/2

    Here are the bottom 5:
    O's 66
    Marlins 68 1/2
    Pirates 68 1/2
    Giants 71 1/2
    Nats 71 1/2

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    I thought the Mets are supposed to win 100?

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    I'd parlay the Mets and Yankees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffWeaverFan View Post
    I'd parlay the Mets and Yankees.
    I'd never bet such a high O/U, 94 wins is tough.

    I love the over on the Twins, I think they'll be much better than people think.

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    I have a bet with my arrogant Mashole Sawx fan of a buddy for a $100 with the Mets O/U at 89.

    When he arrogantly shot me the email of how much you willing to put on the Mets winning over 89 games, i responded with $1k. He's expecting his 3rd, so we settled on $100. pretty sure that one's in the bag

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    Easy money bets IMO.

    Diamondbacks over 87.5
    Cubs over 87.5
    Tampa Bay over 74 (I love the direction they're going, Good Offense, A solid 1-2-3 in Kaz, Garza, Shields with high impact arms in the Minors)
    Toronto under 85 (Easily the 4th best team in their division).


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