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Thread: Yankees Spring Training Game 1- Bulls at Yankees

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    Yankees Spring Training Game 1- Bulls at Yankees

    Spring training Game 1: Bulls at Yankees

    February 29

    Here are the lineups

    Johnny Damon LF
    Derek Jeter SS
    Bobby Abreu RF
    Alex Rodriguez 3B
    Jason Giambi 1B
    Jorge Posada C
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Shelley Duncan DH
    Melky Cabrera CF
    Joba Chamberlain RHP

    Mike Consolmagno RF
    Ryan Lockwood CF
    Addison Maruszak SS
    Brian Hobbs DH
    Trey Manz C
    Chris Rey LF
    Charles Cleveland 3B
    Joey Angelberger 1B
    Jon Kocsco 2B
    Shawn Sanford RHP

    Notes: Consolmagno is from Staten Island. Must be a thrill for him to play against the Yankees. Ö Sanford is USFís closer. He has six strikeouts in 4.1 innings this season. Ö The Yankees last played the Bulls in 1982.

    Iím headed down to the field to watch BP. The game is at 1:15 and Iíll live blog as many innings as I can.

    UPDATE, 1:03 p.m.: The Yankees have Army paratroopers landing on the field. They always put on a show here.

    UPDATE, 1:12 p.m.: Theyíre introducing all the assorted Yankees coaches and instructors. Yogi Berra received the biggest cheer.

    UPDATE, 1:18 p.m.: They actually had a flyover after the National Anthem. Only the Yankees. Joe Girardi is at the plate with the lineup card. Baseball is imminent.

    UPDATE, 1:21 p.m.: Goose Gossage threw out the first pitch. Joba motioned him to the rubber and he threw a strike to Posada. He still throws hard.

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    The USF kids are using wooden bats in case you were wondering. The Yankees don’t want anybody getting hurt.

    Joba vs. Consolmagno: 2-1 pitch, fly ball to right.

    Joba vs. Lockwood: First pitch, grounder to second.

    Joba vs. Marusak: 0-2 pitch, popped to Damon behind shortstop. 8 pitches/6 strikes.

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    Damon: 1-1 pitch, lines to right.

    Jeter: Hit by a pitch.

    Abreu: Single to right. Jeter to third.

    Rodriguez: Sac fly to right, 1-0 Yankees.

    Giambi: Fly to center.

    END OF THE FIRST, 1-0 Yankees

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    Joba vs. Hobbs: Strikeout on three pitches.

    Joba vs. Manz: Popped to third on a 2-2 pitch.

    Joba vs. Rey: Struck out swinging on a full-count slider.


    Now pitching for USF: Zach Pietrzyk, a freshman right-hander.

    Posada: Doubles to right.

    Cano: Grounds to shortstop, Posada to third.

    Duncan: Walks.

    Cabrera: Sac fly to right, Posada scores sliding on. 2-0 Yankees.

    Damon: Walks. Duncan to second.

    Jeter: Groundball to left side … through into left field for a base hit! Duncan rounds third and will score and the Yankees lead 3-0.

    Abreu: Here’s Bobby Abreu, the 18th batter of the game. This pointless statistic brought to you by the 18th Street Bar and Grill.

    Abreu walks to load the bases for A-Rod.

    Rodriguez: Base hit to left, two runs score. 5-0 Yankees.

    Giambi: Fliees to center to end the inning. Four runs on three hits and no errors. Two left on.

    Now pitching for the Yankees: Ian Patrick Kennedy

    The line for Joba: 2 0 0 0 0 2 — 22 pitches/15 strikes.

    IPK vs. Cleveland: Line drive to first on the first pitch. The Big G snaps it up.

    IPK vs. Angelberger: Struck out swinging on a 3-2 pitch. The first base umpire punched him out on the swing. The perfect game lives.

    IPK vs. Koscso: Grounds to third on a 2-1 pitch.
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    Now pitching for USF: Redshirt freshman Matt Stull

    Posada: Flies to center.

    Cano: Single to left.

    Duncan: Flies to left.

    Cabrera: Infield single to shortstop. Cano to second.

    Damon: Lines to left to end the inning. End of three: 5-0 Yankees.

    This live blog brought to you by Benihana. Hideki Matsui may be rehabbing his knee but you donít have to rehab your appetite. Check out your area Benihana Steakhouse.


    IPK vs. Consolmagno: Base hit to center for the kid from Staten Island. Good for him. The perfect game is broken up. The crowd gave him a big cheer.

    IPK vs, Lockwood: Grounder to second on a 3-1 pitch. Consolmagno to second. Kennedy is struggling with his control and Posada just visited the mound.

    IPK vs. Maruszac: Grounder to third.

    IPK vs. Hobbs: Struck out swinging on a 1-2 pitch.

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    Stull still pitching

    Jeter: Grounds to shortstop.

    Abreu: Draws a walk.

    Rodriguez: Draws a walk.

    Giambi: Grounds to first, A-Rod out at second. Abreu to third.

    Posada: Two-run triple to right.

    Cano: E-6. Posada scores. 8-0 Yankees. Cano goes to second somehow, I had to take a call and missed it.

    Duncan: Single up the middle. Cano scores from second. 9-0 Yankees.

    Cabrera: Single to right. Duncan to second.

    Damon: Infield single to load the bases.

    Alberto Gonzalez hitting for Jeter: Grounds to second to end the inning. 9-0 Yankees.

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    Phil Hughes now pitching

    Hughes vs. Manz: Strikeout on four pitches.

    Hughes vs. Rey: Strikeout on four pitches.

    Hughes vs. Cleveland: Diving catch in right by Colin Curtis.

    Massive changes for the Yankees. Posada stayed in to catch Hughes and Duncan is the DH. Everybody else is out. New players: Justin Christian (LF), Alberto Gonzalez (SS), Colin Curtis (RF), Cody Ransom (3B), Morgan Ensberg (1B), Nick Green (2B), Austin Jackson (CF).

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    Iíll have to head down to the clubhouse soon. But Iíll update this until then

    Colin Curtis: Double to the gap in right. Nice day for him so far.

    Ransom: Grounded to second, moving Curtis over.

    Ensberg: Popped to short. Bad piece of hitting there with a runner on third.

    Jorge Posada: Popped to left. 9-0 Yankees after 5.


    Kei Igawa and his sunglasses pitching for the Yankees. Austin Romine is catching him.

    Angleberger: Fly to right. USF still has had only one man get on base.

    Koscso: Walks on five pitches. Only Igawa could walk the No. 9 hitter on a college team with a 9-0 lead. What were the Yankees thinking when they signed this guy?

    Wild pitch moves the runner to second.

    Consolmagno: Draws a walk.

    The clubhouse is open. I have to run. Thanks for reading. Back later with some notes and audio.

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    Igawa needs to be put to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChadLover View Post
    Igawa needs to be put to sleep.
    He later gave up a granny. Ever pitcher looked great, but him.

    Joba and Hughes where both dominant, and Kennedy, Horne, and Marquez all looked very, very good.

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    How did Hughes' fastball and curveball look? If he's as healthy as he says he is and he can bring back that 93-95 mph fastball and with his legs under him regains his absolutely disgusting 12-6 curve it's going to be a very, very fun season...and of course next decade

    Go Yankees!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIJetsFan87 View Post
    How did Hughes' fastball and curveball look? If he's as healthy as he says he is and he can bring back that 93-95 mph fastball and with his legs under him regains his absolutely disgusting 12-6 curve it's going to be a very, very fun season...and of course next decade

    Go Yankees!
    I'm didn't see it with my own eyes, I was going by beat writers who where there.

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    oh ok good stuff man, thanks for all the info SR

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    Now college kids with wooden bats are crushing Igawa.

    $46M panic move. Just let him rot in Scranton for the next 3 years, unless some team is dumb enough to want to give up something of value for him.


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