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Thread: Yankees Spring Training Game- Yankees vs Phillies

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    Yankees Spring Training Game- Yankees vs Phillies

    Here is the lineup:

    Brett Gardner CF
    Derek Jeter SS
    Bobby Abreu RF
    Alex Rodriguez 3B
    Shelley Duncan 1B
    Morgan Ensberg DH
    Jose Molina C
    Greg Porter LF
    Chris Woodward 2B

    Chien-Ming Wang (2 innings)
    Darrell Rasner (1-2 innings)
    Chris Britton (1)
    Jon Albaladejo (1)
    Heath Phillips (1)
    Dan Giese (1)
    Ross Ohlendorf (1)

    Jimmy Rollins SS
    Shane Victorino CF
    Chase Utley 2B
    Ryan Howard 1B
    Pat Burrell DH
    Geoff Jenkins RF
    Greg Dobbs 3B
    Chris Snelling LF
    Carlos Ruiz C

    Adam Eaton
    Chad Durbin
    Ryan Madson
    Clay Condrey
    Tom Gordon

    The national anthem was played by a guy with a violin. I love spring training.

    They always announce the game-time termperature. It’s up to 74.

    Brett Gardner: Single through the first-base hole into right field.

    Derek Jeter: Grounds to short, Rollins steps on the bag and throws to first for the double play.

    Bobby Abreu: Singles to left center.

    Alex Rodriguez: Singles to right.

    Shelley Duncan: Crushed the first pitch into the patio area in left field. 3-0 Yankees.

    Morgan Ensberg: Struck out.


    Rollins: 4-3. Nice play by Woodward going toward the middle and a nice scoop by Shelley to nab the speedy Rollins.

    Victorino: Grounder to Duncan.

    Utley: Pops to second. 9 pitches/6 strikes for the Wanger.
    That a boy Shelley!

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    Ryan Howard: Damn, he looks huge at the plate. Doubles off the wall in left on a 1-2 pitch.

    Pat Burrell: Wang strikes him out looking on a 3-2 pitch.

    Jenkins: Grounds to second. Howard to third.

    Dobbs: Grounds back to Wang.

    That’ll complete the day for CMW. 2 1 0 0 0 1 — 24 pitches/15 strikes. Five more of these and he’ll be ready for Opening Day.

    Chad Durbin now pitching for Philly.

    Jeter: Double to the base of the wall in center. A rocket.

    Abreu: Single to right. Jeter stops at third.

    A-Rod: Strikes out. Abreu steals second.

    Duncan: Who needs A-Rod? Shelley doubles to right and two runs score. The throw beat him to second by five feet but he somehow slid in safely. 5-0 Yankees.

    Ensberg: Strikes out again.

    Molina: Grounds to short again.
    Duncan looking great! Ensberg... not so much.

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    Darrell Rasner pitching for the Yanks.

    Snelling: Grounds to first.

    Sources say that Anthony McCarron of the Daily News is live-blogging the game as well. He’s pinch-hitting for beat writer Mark Feinsand, who is home for the weekend. A-Mac is a good dude, we rode to the game together and listened to “Deep Tracks” on XM Radio. If he does a better live blog, he can get his own ride home.

    Ruiz: Singles to right.

    Rollins: Grounds to second, Ruiz takes second on the play.

    This live blog brought to you by Roadrunner DSL. That fastball by Rasner was 107 miles an hour. How about that?

    Victorino: Draws a walk.

    Utley: RBI double to left. Victorino stops at third.

    Howard: Walks to load the bases.

    Burrell: Flies to left to end the inning. 5-1 Yankees.


    Porter: Flies to right

    Woodward: Flies to left

    Gardner: Strikes out.

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    i dont see the game on yes network, where are you getting the game?

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    Jeez Jeter what are you doing there?

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    He is putting Peter Abraham's Blog in here.

    A-Rod home run by the way.

    I have the game on here in Philly.

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    this is BS that yes is no airing the game...

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    I am pretty sure Yes has tomorrow's game with the Phillies


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