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Thread: Yankees Spring Training Game- Yankees vs Blue Jays

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    Yankees Spring Training Game- Yankees vs Blue Jays



    Damon LF
    Jeter SS
    Abreu DH
    Rodriguez 3B
    Giambi 1B
    Posada C
    Duncan RF
    Cabrera CF
    Castro 2B

    Hughes (2-3 innings)
    Igawa (2-3 innings)

    Blue Jays

    David Eckstein SS
    Scott Rolen 3B
    Reed Johnson RF
    Vernon Wells CF
    Frank Thomas DH
    Lyle Overbay 1B
    Aaron Hill 2B
    Shannon Stewart LF
    Gregg Zaun C

    RHP Jesse Litsch
    LHP Scott Downs
    LHP Ricky Romero
    LHP Mike Gosling
    RHP Shawn Camp
    Looks like both teams only have 1 starter out of the lineupe, Cano for the Yankees, and Rios for the Blue Jays.

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    Yankees-Blue Jays: The live blog

    Welcome to wind-swept Knology Park, just down the road from the gun shop and across the street from the VFW.

    Itíll be Phil Franchise against Jesse Litsch.

    The wind is blowing straight in here. Youíd need a bazooka to get it over the fence. Excellent news for Kei Igawa, who will get a few innings after Phil Hughes.

    The Yankees didnít do much in the first inning. Johnny Damon grounded out and Derek Jeter struck out swinging before Bobby Abreu reached on an infield single. Alex Rodriguez then walked. Jason Giambi cracked one down the line at first but Lyle Overbay made a nice play on the ball and flipped to Jesse Litsch.

    David Eckstein led off the Blue Jays and grounded up the middle. ďI have no range, itís been proven by Ivy Leaguers, you get it,Ē Jeter yelled. Bernie Castro picked it up and made a nice throw to the Big G.

    Scott Rolen flew to right. Itís all Tony La Russaís fault. Reed Johnson grounded to the Big G. He snapped it up like a cat. 9 pitches/6 strikes for Hughes.

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    Jorge Posada grounded to second. Shelley (5 for 8 in spring training) doubled to left. The Melkman followd with a ground single into left. Shelley was steaming around third and had Gregg Zaun lined up. Fortunately for Zaun and his ribs, left fielder Shannon Stewart kicked the ball around and there was no play at the plate. 1-0 Yankees.

    Now itís starting to rain harder.

    Castro grounded into a force. Damon then lined to left. Vernon Wells made a nice sliding catch.

    Hughes is headed out for the second inning, rain or no rain.

    Hughes threw a strike then the game was suspended. I canít imagine theyíll bring him back if the delay is longer than 10 minutes.

    The game is over, although they havenít officially called it yet. Joe Girardi just shook hands with John Gibbons and ran off to the clubhouse.

    Phil Hughes: 10 pitches, 7 strikes. Put him in Cooperstown.
    Well that sucks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Ryan View Post

    Well that sucks...
    Darn, I wanted to see my main man Downs lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Ryan View Post

    Well that sucks...
    Too little upside to play a meaningless game in the rain.

    Though i thought the "Jeter range" comment was kinda funny.

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    Inexplicably, the game has started again

    Itís raining at Knology Park. Not drizzling, raining. Yet they have started the game up again. Every starter for the Yankees is out except Shelley Duncan and Bernie Castro.

    Phil Hughes threw 30 pitches under cover to complete his day.

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    I like that Jeter comment. That was good.


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