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    Mets Roster

    SP- Santana -- Healthy
    SP- Pedro -- Healthy (Coming off of rotator cuff surgery)
    SP- Maine -- Healthy (Coming off of hip surgery, people didnt even know this)
    SP- Perez -- Healthy
    SP- Hernandez -- Injury (Toe/Neck/45 Years Old)

    RP- Wagner -- Healthy (Backs Spasm, Removed Cyst, Age)
    RP- Heilman -- Healthy
    RP- Sanchez -- Rehab (Elbow surgery, soreness, 2 years removed from pitching)
    RP- Sosa -- Healthy
    RP- Feliciano -- Healthy
    RP- Wise -- Healthy
    RP- Schoenweiss -- Healthy (Unknown injury last year)

    1B- Delgado -- Rehab (Hip, Wrist)
    2B- Castillo -- Rehab (Knees scoped)
    3B- Wright -- Healthy
    SS- Reyes -- Healthy
    OF- Beltran -- Rehab (Knees)
    OF- Alou -- Injury (Everything)
    OF- Church -- Injury (Concussion)
    C- Schneider -- Healthy (Hamstring a little tweaked)

    IF/OF- Anderson -- Injury (Chest from collision)
    IF/OF- Easley -- Rehab (Ankle)
    OF- Chavez -- Rehab (Hamstring/Ankle)
    IF- Gotay -- Injury (Ankle)
    C- Castro -- Healthy


    Potential Roster Spots Open: (4)
    SP- Mike Pelfrey -- Really his opportunity this year to shine. He's making the most of spring training, doing everything he can to get that #5 rotation spot.

    RP- Steven Register -- Management loves his stuff. He's a rule 5 pick so he either stays with the club all year or goes back to the Rockies.

    RP- Joe Smith -- Long shot right now. He has good stuff but confidence has been lacking since he was sent down and sat out for arm soreness last year. He needs to refine his stuff in AAA.

    OF- Angel Pagan -- Has been our best player by far in spring training. Terrific defense, good speed on the bases and sprays hits all over.

    OF- Fernando Martinez -- Long shot but he has been impressive. Likely he'll start at AA but don't be surprised to see him mid season.

    OF- Brady Clark -- Don't see him making the team but he's been playing hard this spring training.

    IF- Anderson Hernandez -- Long shot as well. Has never been able to hit at the big league level even if he is an excellent defensive player.

    1B- Olmado Saenz -- The fat tomato isn't making the team.

    With that being said, I see the 25 man roster looking like this, come opening day.

    C: Schneider / Castro
    1B: Delgado / Anderson
    2B: Castillo / Easley
    3B: Wright
    SS: Reyes / Gotay
    OF: Beltran / Alou / Church / Pagan

    SP: Santana / Pedro / Maine / Perez / Pelfrey
    RP: Wagner / Sanchez / Heilman / Feliciano / Wise / Sosa / Scho
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