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Thread: Rate my fantasy team.

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    Rate my fantasy team.

    Active Batters
    C-Jorge Posada- Yankees
    1B-Paul Konerko- White Sox
    2B-Aaron Hill- Blue Jays
    3B-Miguel Cabrera- Tigers
    SS-Derek Jeter- Yankees
    RF-Jeff Francouer- Braves
    RF-Corey C. Hart- Brewers
    LF-Carlos N. Lee- Astros
    DH- Jim Thome- White Sox

    Active Pitchers
    RP-Joe Borowski- Indians
    RP-Joba Chamberlain- Yankees
    SP-Aaron Harang- Reds
    RP-Trevor Hoffman- Padres
    SP-Brad Penny- Dodgers
    RP- J.J. Putz- Mariners
    SP- Brandon Webb- Dbacks

    Reserve Batters
    C-Joe Mauer- Twins
    1B-Adam A. Laroche- Pirates
    2B-Placido Polanco- Tigers
    3B-Hank Blalock- Rangers
    DH-Jason Giambi- Yankees

    Reserve Pitchers
    SP-Daniel Cabrera- Orioles

    Please rate my team!

    Also I think my Pitching staff is my best part of this team. Do you agree?

    Is there any changes to my lineup I should make?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetFan54 View Post
    Active Batters
    C-Jorge Posada- Yankees- a good c but will his age slow him down, consider someone like geovanny soto or salty
    1B-Paul Konerko- White Sox- showed signs of aging last year picking up a solid up and commer with a high obp like loney is good.
    2B-Aaron Hill- Blue Jays- can he repeat with those same type numbers? Johnson in atlanta and escobar in atlanta will both be starting and hitting in front of texiera and chipper jones. Then you have Adsdrubel Cabrera hitting in front of hafner and garko
    3B-Miguel Cabrera- Tigers- can't say anything here
    SS-Derek Jeter- Yankees- can't say anything here although thier is hanley ramirez, jimmy rolins, and jose reyes then everyone else.
    RF-Jeff Francouer- Braves- could be good although Hermida from the Marlins was the second hottest hitter after the all-star break this phenom might live up to his potential finally
    RF-Corey C. Hart- Brewers- i am thinking bj upton and possibly even justin upton will have better years.
    LF-Carlos N. Lee- Astros
    DH- Jim Thome- White Sox- solid dh although hafner is better

    Active Pitchers
    RP-Joe Borowski- Indians- will he keep the closers role i am not sure betancourt is coming fast and so is jensen lewis
    RP-Joba Chamberlain- Yankees- will be hard to repeat the numbers from last year but still should be pretty solid.
    SP-Aaron Harang- Reds not bad but any pitcher pitching in cinn is not going to be a stud. consider someone like jered weaver who had a good season last year not as good as his rookie but he is getting alot more run support this year.
    RP-Trevor Hoffman- Padres- old closer if he starts faltering because of age look at someone like manny corpas or jokam soria.
    SP-Brad Penny- Dodgers- nice pitcher in a pitchers park
    RP- J.J. Putz- Mariners- can he repeat?
    SP- Brandon Webb- Dbacks- always a ace of the staff and absoulute stud

    Reserve Batters
    C-Joe Mauer- Twins- would be a stud if he can stay healthy
    1B-Adam A. Laroche- Pirates- big chance that he finds his swing this year
    2B-Placido Polanco- Tigers- can't go wrong with any tigers this year they could end up scoring 1000 runs this year
    3B-Hank Blalock- Rangers- if he is healed could be good i think a better option here is yunel escaobar from the braves
    DH-Jason Giambi- Yankees- what giambi will show up if it is the hitting 240 giambi then garko from clevland would be a better option

    Reserve Pitchers
    SP-Daniel Cabrera- Orioles- will this guy ever put it all together i think you can find a better reserve on the waiver wire.

    Please rate my team!

    Also I think my Pitching staff is my best part of this team. Do you agree?

    Is there any changes to my lineup I should make?

    Thanks in advance!
    let me help again JMO

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    I'm guessing this is a 10 team league?

    I'd trade 1 of your catchers. There is no reason to have 2 of the top catchers on 1 team if you can only use 1 at a time. Try to trade 1 for some pitching help. You only have 1 extra pitcher and you will need more.


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