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Thread: Spring Training- Yankees @ Twins

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    Spring Training- Yankees @ Twins

    Cabrera CF
    Cano 2B
    Matsui DH
    Duncan 1B
    Ensberg 3B
    Lane LF
    Molina C
    Woodward SS
    Tabata RF


    In his first at-bat of the spring, Hideki Matsui grounded into a 3-6-3 double play. The Japanese media is here in force to chronicle his debut.

    A few of the New York writers went over to talk to Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire to get his opinion about yesterday’s incident. Gardenhire hadn’t seen the play but defended Elliot Johnson because it’s such an instinctive decision. “When you try not to get hurt, that’s when you get hurt,” he said. But Gardenhire made it clear that running the catcher over is not the norm for a spring training game.

    This is one of those situations where both sides have a point. In my opinion, Johnson used unnecessary roughness for a spring training game. The question now is when and how the Yankees will retaliate.

    Meanwhile, Phil Hughes just had a 1-2-3 first inning. 12 pitches/9 strikes.

    The Yankees scored three runs off Boof Bonser. Jose Molina had a two-run double with the bases loaded.

    Three up and three more down for Phil Hughes. 13 pitches/8 strikes. He looks great.

    Phil Franchise is the man. Three more easy outs. Nine up and nine down. 35 pitches/24 walks.

    Counting the game against South Florida, he has retired all 15 batters he has faced this spring.

    Phil Hughes threw four great innings: 4 0 0 0 2 1 57 pitches/35 strikes. He walked two in the fourth inning as he appeared to tire a bit. But the Yankees left him in to get out of his own jam and he got Craig Monroe to ground out to end the inning.

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    Hughes has looked great so far this spring, he has yet to give up a hit. Something tells me the Twins fans watching the game are sqeeming in there seats.

    Today: 4 innings - 0 hits - 2 walks
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    Yup, they had their chance at getting him, now they get to watch our home grown player dominate the league in the future.

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    Way more important than the results themselves, which granted have been great so far, is Hughes' control of both the FB and curve. What made Hughes Hughes was impeccable control of his FB, the ability to put it exactly where he wants to at any time. That is THE most important element for a dominant power pitcher. Being able to spot the fast ball around 93 sets everything else up and completely takes the hitters out of their game; it changes the plane and location of the batters' eyes, and makes the 20 MPH slower curve, which seems to have regained its true bite now that he trusts his legs again, devastating b/c hitters are so focused on the FB. Throw in the changes that he is getting better at, and the batters can't get their timing down and are always behind in the count. Thus, all the weak popups and ground balls he was getting in the first 3 innings on 0-2, and 1-2 counts.

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    The story on the field was Phil Hughes. Once nearly a Twin, Phil Franchise dominated the Minnesota lineup with excellent control of his fastball, a tight curve and a changeup he threw effectively the few times he tried it.

    We don’t know for a few years whether the Yankees were right to hold on to Hughes and leave Johan Santana for the Mets. But Hughes looks every bit a solid No. 3 starter at the age of 21. What is he going to be three years from now?

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    Very exciting news.


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