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Thread: OT: Reimagine Interactive Agency

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    OT: Reimagine Interactive Agency

    I recently formed a new company called ReImagine. We are an Interactive Ad agency combining three major forces: Video, the Web, and Marketing.

    We have expertise in 3 major areas...

    1. Web Design & Development.
    We are currently working on a site for legendary DJ Boris, as well as one for a growing Medical company, and my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA school as well.

    Here are some links to our work...

    2. Video

    I head the video department. We currently provide...

    Promo Videos
    Music Videos
    YouTube Blasts
    MOTION graphics work
    After Effects work

    A link to some recent minor work is

    3. Marketing

    The third part of our team is a marketing specialist. A former VP of panasonic marketing, Nes and his girl Gisselle have headed some major clients Marketing strategies including Panasonic, Target, and a host of other big name clients. We specialize in the web, and offer these types of plans:

    Viral Marketing
    Guerilla Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Direct Marketing
    Internet Marketing

    The Marketing part of Reimagine works hand in hand with any video or web work. We like to take the time to completely understand every aspect of the business that hires us, so that we can create top notch CUSTOM designed work that stands out among your peers.

    Thanks in advance for the support. I am looking to network with any and everyone. You never know where a relationship can take you.

    One more thing....

    I recently started a a daily blog to help with the daily grind of life.

    Check it out, if you like.
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