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Thread: McCain urges Republicans to accept illegal aliens

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    McCain urges Republicans to accept illegal aliens

    I guess no matter what he says about "securing the border first", he's still pushing his amnesty, claiming that Republicans that don't favor his open borders and amnesty schemes lose elections ~rolleyes~

    P.S: McAmensty failed to mention that the Democrat that won Hastert's seat, is hardly a illegal alien cheerleader. Matter of fact, he used Oberweis' hiring of illegals against him in TV ads and "claims" he'll be from the Melissa Bean school -- Illinois congressional Democrat that has felt the rath of LaRaza and other anaracists because she opposes McCain's frequent amnesty garbage.

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    the Democrats should just go with the policy we are going to tell you who the President is after you nominate them, the Republicans fail once they open their mouths and tell the public what they want, the Democrats fail once the Republicans find out things they have done in the past(or people they know) and exploit them


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