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Thread: Question About Yankee Stadium Seating

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    Cool Question About Yankee Stadium Seating

    Hey everybody. I'm spending a few days in NYC in June, and I want to take my kids to games at Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium. I'm about ready to buy the tickets for Yankee Stadium the best priced seats are in the bleachers (section 37-53) and in Tier MVP. I know those are not the best seats and that's fine with me (I gotta keep the price reasonable) but can anyone tell me which seats are better? Should I go with bleachers or Tier? I've only been to one game at the stadium and it was in the middle row behind home plate, so I'm not sure how good/bad bleacher and tier seats are. Any info would be greatly appreciated, since your answers will pretty much determine which seats I buy.

    Also, which good cheap seats should I look for at Shea? Never been to a game there.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    Bleachers are awesome, but if you are at all concerned with your kids hearing bad language, you may want to stay away. They really aren't too bad, but on a given night it could be a little bit.

    The key for your bleacher seats is to get the RF bleachers. The LF bleachers suck. Section 39 is where the Bleacher Creatures sit, and those are solid seats. Sections 41 and 43 are also good, along with 37. But if you see the seats in the 50's, I'd go a different route. You will also be able to participate in roll call if you are sitting in the RF bleachers, which is always a plus.

    The Tier reserve are fine. But if you are in those and also way out in the OF, they get a little shaky. If you are between 1B and 3B with those they are great.

    Lastly, the bleacher seats are just long benches with no backs to the seat. I don't mind it, but it is something to at least know before you make a decision. Oh yeah, they also don't sell beer in the bleachers.


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