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Thread: Dorsey A Jet?

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    Dorsey A Jet?

    Every time I look at the board I come away thinking that Gholston, Long, Long, Ryan and McFadden, regardless of order, will be the top 5 picks in this draft. I think Dorsey will be the odd man out. But, watching him this year, he may be the best player in this draft and the most dominant lineman to come out of college in a long while. If the Jets can't trade down with the Bengals, or another team that might want him, I can't see picking a less talented player just to fill a need. Could he play end? Would Mangini be creative enough to see his potential?

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    The Jets dont need Dorsey. Doesnt this guy have knee issues. Get rid of one to bring in another................ i hope not.

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    No he doesn't have knee issues, yes he is a dominant player and I agree with the original poster that he might be the best player in the draft. However I just don't know if they have the guts to play him at end. He doesn't fit the prototypical height thing for a 3-4 end but i think that stuff is highly overated.

    I wouldn't be at all upset if the Jets took Dorsey but I'd be pretty surprised.

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    [QUOTE=jessdrone;2443285]The Jets dont need Dorsey. [B]Doesnt this guy have knee issues[/B]. Get rid of one to bring in another................ i hope not.[/QUOTE]

    Not according to the Jets medical staff.

    In any event, Dorsey doesn't fit the Jets system. IMO, him and Ellis would in no way be a consideration for the Jets at 6.


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