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Thread: The sad story of Jose Canseco

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    The sad story of Jose Canseco

    I think this is non-fiction writing

    This guy writes a lot, and wrote the original story about Lenny Dykstra and his investing skills (basically, of all people, Lenny Dykstra is a financial genius)

    2 paragraphs in particular sums up a lot. Read the 2nd paragraph twice and contemplate how stupid a person can possibly be.

    Rob (Canseco's Lawyer) has yet to foreclose because he has the stoic patience of his ancestors who made that terrible trek from North Carolina to Oklahoma, which was called "The Trail of Tears." But that doesn't mean that Jose hasn't "pissed off" Rob a lot over the last four years that he has been Jose's lawyer. When Rob was defending Jose and his twin brother Ozzie a few years ago in a civil suit brought against the two brothers by a man they had beat up in a Miami bar, he told Jose to keep a low profile and not buy anything because Rob planned on pointing out to the court that Jose was broke. A week before the trail began, Jose leased a $300,000 Rolls Royce and bought a $2.6 million house, in addition to the $1.7 million house he already owned in Encino. "I had to admit in court that all those things Jose owned," said Rob. The jury returned a verdict that required Jose to pay the man he and Ozzie beat up 90 percent of $1.5 million. Ozzie, who is also broke, had to pay the other ten percent. "Jose still hasn't paid a cent," said Rob.

    After the trial, Jose put his $2.6 million house in South Florida up for sale. He had several offers on it, but decided to take the offer of over $2 million in Mexican telephone stock, which he was prohibited from selling for two years, at which time, the buyer guaranteed him, the stock would be worth $5 million. Two years later, Jose sold the stock for $15,000.

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    Read this story last night and its fawking nuts. You just don't realize that becuase some people are amazing athletes and under the eye of the media that they can also be bat $hit crazy as well.


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