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Thread: Guess what team Gotay is a part of now...

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    Guess what team Gotay is a part of now...

    The Atlanta Braves.

    Player movement


    Steven Register was returned to the Colorado Rockies. Ruben Gotay was claimed on waivers by Atlanta and Anderson Hernandez was optioned to Triple-A New Orleans.

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    When and where does he find playing time on that team.

    Pinch hitting?

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    So they pick up players who can't even make our roster and it's supposed to make a difference?

    Sorry, Gotay never impressed me, he's abysmal against Lefties, plays bad Defense and was a .260 hitter in the Minors the last 3 years. He had a nice little hot streak (And quickly came back to earth hitting under .200 the last 2 months) but lets not make him out to be more then he is.

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    i love how people go crazy over guys like him....guys like him are a dime a dozen.

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    You know he's gonna get a big hit on us. He won't do anything else, but he'll decide one game between us and the Braves.

    Any word on if we're gonna work out a deal to get Register back?

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    One Met who asked for anonymity shook his head when told Ruben Gotay was signed by Atlanta.

    “Atlanta?’’ he said. “That’s going to come back to bite us.’‘


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