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Thread: Why do you come here?

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    Why do you come here?

    It's very late here and I've had a long day. Spent the weekend thus far with my family, a wonderful wife and precious 2 1/2 year old son. A great day at the park, sunny weather here in Arizona that we still enjoy until it gets hot enough that we, for once, become envious of our friends and family back in NJ ;). We go out for dinner, have a nice night and then after coming home I login to see if there's any Jets news (none of course :D). So I take a peak at this forum and see the usual Bush bashing, Obama hating, McCain criticism and Hillary hatred as usual and I start to wonder (maybe because its late and I've had few drinks), why does everyone come here? Does anyone, or do any of us, believe we can change the minds of others? Do I think I can change anyone's mind?

    Do I think that even if, after 1000 threads and still believing that the Iraq war was founded in correct thinking, but executed in a flawed manner, it should change anyone's convictions, that America must still defend itself and remain vigilant?

    As a "conservative" I have to recognize that...

    1. The Iraq war is hugely unpopular
    2. The Iraq war was misfocused (e.g. there are/were bigger threats in the world than Iraq)
    3. Our resources could have better been devoted elsewhere

    But I wonder if others are willing to recognize

    1. We remain a huge target of many in the world and must defend ourselves
    2. That while 9/11 was a devastating and horrific event (from which I was personally affected), something worse is still entirely possible since America, unfortunately, is still the #1 target of many in the world and;
    3. Not until radicalism, in all its forms, is contained or eliminated can true peace exist (this means that the Muslim suicide bomber is just as bad as the Christian abortion clinic bomber)

    Late night post, just thinking about how I hope my young son can grow up in a world where people can both accept and still question others differences. Can we remain civil? Are we smart and articulate enough to see that those so different than us still love America and that we fight here not out of trying to prove that we're right, but out of trying to espouse what we believe gives the best hope for our collective future?

    In this thread I just ask that you be civil. When you look in a friend's eyes, your child's eyes, what do you hope that your time posting in this forum will yield...

    Post, post, post!

    Talk, talk, talk!

    Type, type, type!

    Link, link, link!

    Does it do anything? Does it make an ounce of difference?
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    Great post, jetstream. The answers to your thread topic may all be drastically different.

    For me, I check this forum every day because it is done well. It has topics that I am passionate about; the NFL, The Jets and politics. My goal is not to change anyones opinion on any topic. I do learn from reading the posts, even if I disagree with a point of view. Sometimes the new information does alter or change my perspective.

    Above all, I post here because it is fun. I enjoy discussing these topics and because its a football forum first, I never take it too seriously. When I mix it up with some of the posters here i am competitive and passionate, but I have fun with it. It should never get nasty in here to the point where people type things to be purposely hurtful.

    The mix of posters here makes the poltical forum very interesting. You have posters with varied backrounds and experiences which make for lively debates. We have teachers, corporate workers, salesmen and even someone that hangs out at presidential libraries until the cops are called. Its a good site.
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    I'm here and check this forum because I'm still learning about politics.

    I came from a Liberal College and from a Conservative Republican family, and had grandparents who were not liberal but were democrats because they were working class and loved FDR.

    I tend to lean more toward the conservative side, but I'm willing to hear any argument. I love factual debate. I hate mudslinging and arguments that have degraded into name-calling. I refuse to believe that any one side "has only people who degrade arguments into mudslinging or name-calling."

    Those are just less intelligent people. And that's fine. They exist on both sides, and in good number in this forum.

    I generally hated politics while I was at Wesleyan. I worked on a political college radio show, with two guys who were my friends. They had different political beliefs, but that was absolutely fine. They were liberal, but not once did they name-call or degrade the debate. They were also brilliant and now have a great life for themselves after college.

    So I'm here to learn about politics but also to see how people debate and how things degrade.


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