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Thread: Yankees Minor League Teams Rosters

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    Yankees Minor League Teams Rosters

    AAA: Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees

    C Chad Moeller
    1B Eric Duncan
    2B Bernie Castro
    SS Alberto Gonzalez
    3B Cody Ransom
    LF Justin Christian
    CF Brett Gardner
    RF Jason Lane
    DH Juan Miranda

    C Jason Brown
    IF Nick Green
    OF Gregory Porter

    RHP Alan Horne
    RHP Jeff Marquez
    RHP Steven White
    LHP Kei Igawa
    RHP Darrell Rasner

    RHP Jose Veras
    RHP Dan Giese
    LHP Heath Phillips
    RHP Scott Strickland
    RHP Chris Britton
    RHP Scott Patterson
    RHP Edwar Ramirez

    DISABLED LIST: Jeff Karstens, Sean Henn, Humberto Sanchez

    SWB is probably the least interesting of the full-season teams on the farm. The primary function of SWB this year is to house both positional players that are future Major League backups, and pitchers who are middle relievers and/or longmen out of the pen. Of all the teams, SWB probably has the most filler while also containing the lowest ceiling. While the Yankees AAA affiliate is still the most boring team to follow prospect-wise, it does need to mentioned that they are stocked much better than they have been in recent years.

    Team Strength
    The pitching, and specifically the relief arms. CHRIS BRITTON, SCOTT PATTERSON, EDWAR RAMIREZ, and JOSE VERAS are all viable Major League middle relief options.

    Most Exciting Player To Follow
    Right-handed starter ALAN HORNE is the player with both the highest ceiling and the best on-field performance thus far. We told you last year how much we think of Horne, and we haven’t moved off that position in the least. Towards the end of spring training Horne really started to round into shape, showing true dominance in his minor league starts. Here at NoMaas we expect Horne to be in the Bronx this year at some point, even if it means coming out of the bullpen and throwing that nasty two-seamer in the mid-nineties.

    Most Underrated Prospect
    Right-handed starter JEFF MARQUEZ is underrated because his ceiling isn’t as high as the majority of the other Yankees top prospects, however he logs innings and gets outs. He’s a durable starter with a great sinker and surprising velocity. If he can polish his changeup and miss more bats, he has a great chance to be a starter in the majors. Talented defender ALBERTO GONZALEZ has always been known for his range at SS, however in the winter league and spring training he showed some pop in his bat.

    Can He Develop?
    Former first-round pick ERIC DUNCAN is a favorite of many Yankee fans because he’s a local (Seton Hall Prep alumni), but Duncan has been one of the most frustrating prospects many of us have ever seen. Between being rushed and falling victim to debilitating back injuries, there have been plenty excuses, but at some point time is going to start running out with the lower levels graduating more and more legitimately talented players. Duncan has shown exceptional Isolated Discipline and Isolated Patience, however he has also been a horrid defender with an inability to make contact. We’re rooting for him to work it out, but there aren’t any rational fans that expect it to happen at this point. When he returns from injury it will be interesting to see where Bronx native HUMBERTO SANCHEZ picks up.

    AA: Trenton Thunder

    C PJ Pilittere
    1B Cody Ehlers
    2B Reegie Corona
    SS Kevin Russo
    3B Marcos Vechionacci
    LF Colin Curtis
    CF Austin Jackson
    RF Jose Tabata
    DH Chris Malec

    OF Matt Carson
    SS Carlos Mendoza
    C Joe Muich

    RHP George Kontos
    LHP Chase Wright
    RHP Daniel McCutchen
    LHP Phil Coke
    RHP Jason Jones

    RHP David Robertson
    RHP Mike Gardner
    RHP Eric Wordekemper
    RHP Josh Schmidt
    RHP Steven Jackson
    LHP Zach Kroenke
    RHP Bo Hall

    DISABLED LIST: RHP Brett Smith, C Francisco Cervelli, RHP Kevin Whelan, RHP Anthony Claggett, SS Ramiro Pena

    The Thunder are coming off their first Championship last year after employing one of the best minor league rotations in recent memory last year. This season the focus has shifted away from the pitching staff and onto the hitters, as JOBA CHAMBERLAIN, IAN KENNEDY, ALAN HORNE, and JEFF MARQUEZ have all graduated to higher levels.

    Team Strength
    The outfield in Trenton is gifted all around, boasting JOSE TABATA, AUSTIN JACKSON, and COLIN CURTIS. From a ceiling standpoint, it’s as legitimately talented an outfield as many Yankee fans have seen on one minor league team in over a decade.

    Most Exciting Player To Follow
    While Jackson is a 5-tool talent who really whet our appetite last summer, Tabata is the player with the offensive talent that really has us at NoMaas salivating. The prospect of him playing healthy this year, having had hamate surgery in the offseason, is very intriguing because of the skills he has already displayed in his career: a discerning eye at the plate, the ability to use all fields, and a knack for solid contact are what makes Tabata special at such a young age. While Jackson is a great talent with a huge ceiling, its Tabata’s consistency and all around offensive skills that have us looking for big things in 2008 from the 19 year old.

    Most Underrated Prospect
    Coming out of Arizona State in 2006 the Yankees broke slot and signed Curtis for $450K. What they got was a solid all-around player with good plate discipline and contact skills. Older than many other Yankee prospects at 23, he gets overlooked because he doesn’t truly excel in any facet of the game, but he has a nice lefty swing and stands a decent chance to make the Major Leagues at some point in his career if he can get past the hiccup he had upon being promoted to Trenton last season.

    Can He Develop?
    The Thunder roster has several players that have question marks surrounding their future. Primary among them is third baseman MARCOS VECHIONACCI, a fixture of Yankee prospect lists for the past 5 years. ‘Nacci shows truly exceptional defensive skills, but only gives brief glimpses of his offensive ceiling. If he can produce consistently at the plate, the still-only-22-year-old will be a legitimate top prospect. Reliever DAVID ROBERTSON has a low 90s fastball and is generally considered undersized, but put up dominating numbers in A ball last year. Spending a full season at Trenton will be a great measuring stick for the righty’s future. Starter GEORGE KONTOS has great stuff, but according to prospect guru John Manuel, he hasn’t been as focused as necessary to harness that talent and reach his potential.

    High A: Tampa Yankees

    C Kyle Anson
    1B Braedyn Pruitt
    2B Damon Sublett
    SS Eduardo Nunez
    3B Mitch Hilligoss
    LF Josue Calzado
    CF Tim Battle
    RF Seth Fortenberry
    DH Andres Perez

    1B Kevin Smith
    IF Luis Nunez
    OF Edwar Gonzalez
    OF James Cooper
    C Jose Gil
    C Ben Blumenthal

    RHP Ivan Nova
    LHP Mike Dunn
    RHP Eric Hacker
    RHP Ryan Pope
    LHP Edgar Soto

    RHP Mark Melancon
    RHP Jose Valdez
    LHP Wilkins Arias
    RHP J.B Cox
    RHP Jonathan Hovis
    RHP Grant Duff
    RHP Stephen Artz
    RHP Alfredo Aceves (25 yr old Mexican IFA signee)

    DISABLED LIST: SS C.J Henry, LHP Garrett Patterson, RHP Paul David Patterson, RHP Christian Garcia

    The talent on Tampa’s roster is the most wide-open (from a range of outcomes perspective) in the system. Nobody is a sure-fire bluechip talent, yet there are very intriguing prospects in every area of the team, from the lineup to the bullpen. It will be interesting to see what directions the prospects in Tampa take in 2008.

    Team Strength
    The starting rotation for the Tampa Yankees is solid from start to finish. IVAN NOVA, ERIC HACKER, EDGAR SOTO, MICHAEL DUNN, and RYAN POPE should have the team contending for their division title.

    Most Exciting Player To Follow
    This is a tie between righty starter Nova and potential closer MARK MELANCON. Nova has great stuff, but pitched to a lot of contact last year. He gave up almost 11 hits per nine innings while posting a K/9 of less than 5. Nova has a ceiling that is significantly higher than those results, and 2008 will go a long way towards determining if he will approach it. Melancon is a legitimate option for the Bronx bullpen this season, and tracking the progress of his mid 90s fastball and hammer curve will be one of the most interesting aspects of the minor league season this year.

    Most Underrated Prospect
    As the only lefty in the Yankees system who did anything even remotely notable last season and still has a decent ceiling, MICHAEL DUNN has a chance to rise up prospect lists in 2008. Dunn made a full season of starts last year, giving up less hits than IP in the nearly 150 innings he threw. He also had a K/9 just below 9.00, and a K:BB of right around 3.00.

    Can He Develop?
    There are too many stories in Tampa to isolate one in this category. Converted third baseman KYLE ANSON has displayed encouraging skills at the plate and a rocket arm behind it after taking up catching. MITCH HILLIGOSS and SETH FORTENBERRY are both older, college prospects with enough skills to catch your eye initially (Hilligoss’ contact ability, Fortenberry’s arm and approach at the plate), but not enough to keep it for any extended period of time. EDUARDO NUNEZ and TIM BATTLE are toolsy prospects that have had their reputations tarnished by failing to live up to expectations thus far. BRAEDYN PRUITT and DAMON SUBLETT are 2007 draftees who put up monster numbers in short-season ball last season, but have question marks about just how accurately those performances reflect their true abilities going forward. The Tampa team is rife with prospects that could go in any number of directions in 2008, and this doesn’t even include the biggest enigma of them all, CHRISTIAN GARCIA who will begin the year on the DL.

    Low-A: Charleston RiverDogs

    C Austin Romine
    1B Brandon Laird
    2B Justin Snyder
    SS Carmen Angelini
    3B Brad Suttle
    LF Austin Krum
    CF Abraham Almonte
    RF David Williams
    DH Jesus Montero

    1B/OF Taylor Holiday
    OF/1B Wady Rufino
    SS Danny Cox
    C Larry Day
    IF Walter Ibarra

    RHP Dellin Betances
    RHP Jairo Heredia
    RHP Zach McAllister
    RHP Adam Olybrychowski
    RHP Noel Castillo

    RHP Jason Stephens
    LHP Wilkins De La Rossa
    RHP Jesse Hoover
    RHP Gabe Medina
    RHP Chace Vacek (indie signing)
    RHP Jonathan Ortiz
    RHP Craig Heyer
    RHP Lance Pendleton

    DISABLED LIST: RHP Michael Solbach

    This is the most anticipated minor league team the Yankees have had, perhaps ever, as it is just loaded with talent. The lineup is completely stacked with prospects, the rotation has potential studs in it, and there are multiple guys with All-Star ceilings. If you are ever going to start following the minor leagues, this is the season and team to do it with. The 2008 RiverDogs have the potential to be the single most exciting minor league team any Yankee fan has ever followed.

    Team Strength
    Sexiness. Ridiculous sexiness.

    Most Exciting Prospect To Follow
    There are too many to name, but JESUS MONTERO has to be the answer if we are forced to pick only one. The imposing physical presence has as much power as you could ask for in a prospect, and has shown a very encouraging ability to make contact. More importantly, he will take his walks and he has demonstrated a knack for applying his immense power to the opposite field…all as a teenager. The question about Montero is whether or not he can stay behind the plate, but his bat looks like it will play anywhere so those concerns are generally overblown. Montero has shown the skills to be an absolute monster, hitting for power, average, and a high OBP.

    Most Underrated Prospect
    Having a brother in the Majors didn’t seem to do BRANDON LAIRD any favors on draft day last year when the Yankees took him in the 27th round, but he quickly caught everyone’s attention by hitting .339 and posting an OPS of .944 in the GCL. While his plate discipline is lacking, he has huge power and solid contact skills. 2008 could be the year that he starts landing on top prospect lists. ZACH MCALLISTER has everything you could hope for in a young pitching prospect – great build, strong arm, and willingness to learn. He posted great numbers for the majority of 2007 yet was overshadowed by the bigger name pitching prospects in the system. He’s a potential horse with exceptional groundball tendencies.

    Can He Develop?
    BRAD SUTTLE had his swing mechanics reconstructed after being drafted and subsequently had a horrible time in the Hawaiian Winter League. DELLIN BETANCES stands 6’8” and can hit the upper-90s, but seems to be destined for arm trouble. JESSE HOOVER and LANCE PENDLETON are former hard-throwing relievers who are attempting to come back from major injuries.

    If that doesn’t get you excited, you’re probably a sports writer for a major NYC tabloid.

    Extended Spring Training

    OF Taylor Grote
    C Chase Weems
    2B Prilys Cuello
    OF Carlos Urena
    RF Kelvin De Leon
    RHP Arodys Vizcaino
    SS Jose Pirela
    RHP Manny Barreda
    LHP Angel Reyes (still coming back from injury)
    RHP Brett Smith (possibly injured, also no room in Trenton, confirmed off AA roster)
    SS Jose Mojica

    C Zhenwang Zhang
    C Neall French
    C Eladio Rodriguez
    C Francisco Arcia
    C Steven Strausbaugh
    C Frank Lonigro
    C Nicholas Ventura
    C Brian Baisley
    C Nicholas Ventura
    C Jared Greenwood

    3B Jimmy Parades
    IF Chris Kunda
    SS Brian Chavez
    SS Kelvin Castro

    OF Alvaro Ramirez
    OF Isiah Howes
    OF D.J Hollingsworth
    OF Chase Odenreider
    OF Matt Morris

    RHP Alan Atacho
    RHP Dickson Marquez
    RHP Francisco Castillo
    RHP Casey Erickson
    RHP Nick Chigges
    RHP Luke Trubee
    RHP Ryan Zink
    RHP Dan Kapala
    RHP Jason Kiley
    RHP Philip Bartleski
    RHP Tim Dennehy
    RHP Francisco Rondon
    LHP Kai Liu
    RHP Harold Garce
    RHP Charlyn Garcia
    RHP Gabriel Tatis
    RHP Tim Norton
    RHP Jake Shafer
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    Very Very Nice to see... thanks for posting Sean.

    As a Yankee fan you have to be excited about the depth of the farm system and how Cash and Oppenheimer transformed it over only a few years.

    I'm personally very excited for Charleston... can't wait to see what Romine, Montero and Angelini have.

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    Xcelent info Sean

    Thanx 4 postin it

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    Great info Sean. Thanks for the post. Can't wait to see how some of these guys develop.

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    lol. i know it doesn't mean anything. But trenton beat Scranton in an exhibition game yesterday.

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    Thanks Sean, as always.

    Charleston - Team Strength
    Sexiness. Ridiculous sexiness.

    WOW!! I just had movement.


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