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Thread: Tyreke Evans a Nova' Wildcat?

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    Tyreke Evans a Nova' Wildcat?

    Rumor has it that Tyreke Evans is about to announce his intention to attend Villanova and play for Jay Wright.

    If you were a member of the Evan's Family concerned with TE's image, under the present circumstances, would you send him to Pitino, Calipari or Jay? If you were concerned with his ability to stay away from trouble, would you want him roaming the streets of downtown Memphis or Louisville with their players, or on the MainLine with Nova players?

    If you were very seriously concerned for his safety, would you want him in a place with little or no security and supervision, or would you want him to be where his 3 brothers and the numerous official and unofficial local body guards could keep a watchful eye on him?

    The answers should be obvious, and that is why Tyreke and family have now determined Nova is the best place for him. Nothing will be announced or pursued until after the Chester dust has settled, but the votes apparently have been cast. This may eventually be known as Jay's 5 Star dilemma.

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    Would be awsome if he does come to the Main Line! He will make his decision on the 16th. This team can go places next year. Scottie Stokes Evans Anderson Cunningham could be a nasty lineup.

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    **** atleast we got King for 09 but lost Malcom Grant to Miami. I hope he destroys the ACC.

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    King is eh..... Next year, we have another monster guard coming in, Maalik Wayns. Top 3 PG recruit in the nation.

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    Your post rocks!


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