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Thread: Derek Jeter injury update

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    Derek Jeter injury update

    Here’s a Derek Jeter update for you: The Captain took BP, then he fielded groundballs for seven minutes (like a nerd, I counted: 31) and then he ran in left field, from the foul line to center field about five times back and forth. He snuck into the clubhouse before we had a chance to talk to him. But via PR maven Jason Zillo, Jeter said he had no setbacks.

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    hopefully he gets goin soon..............

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    Just watched Derek Jeter’s pregame workout. He fielded nearly 50 grounders, several in the hole and up the middle. He then did nine 50-yard sprints in front of the Green Monster with strength coach Dana Cavalea. Jeter said he felt no discomfort in his quad.

    “I don’t see why not,” Jeter said when asked if he would play tomorrow. “I want to be in the lineup tonight.”

    Jeter said he was running at 80 percent. If he can sprint tomorrow in Tampa, look for him in the lineup on Tuesday. Joe Girardi indicated earlier today that he would hold Jeter back an extra day once he felt ready to play.


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