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Thread: Mets Prospect Hot Sheet (BA)

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    Mets Prospect Hot Sheet (BA)

    Mets Prospect Hot sheet - Friday April 18th

    1. Mike Carp: 1b/of
    Team: AA
    Born: 21 years old
    Ranking: Ranked nineteenth in Mets system in 2008 Prospect Handbook
    Why He's Here: .463/.500/.833 | 5 hrs/ 5 2b | 16 rbis | 13 runs
    The Scoop: The rumor was that Mike Carp was out of shape and because of this he wasnt invited to play on the MLB team in spring training. Furthermore, Mike Carp was coming off a very poor year in AA and fell down many prospect lists. Well he has sent a huge early season wakeup call to all the doubters who might have already dismissed this 21 year old power hitting prospect.
    Most impressive stat so far? Verse lefties: .348/.375/.783 (1.158 OPS) 3 homeruns. Only 2 ks in 23 at bats.

    2. Nick Evans | 1b/3b/of

    Team: AA
    Born: 22 years old
    Ranking: 20th in 2008 prospect handbook
    Why hes here: .389/.417/.741 / 3 hr/6 2b/ 2 3b | 18 rbis
    The Scoop: IMO, Nick was dissed in the 2008 BA handbook. Ranking him 20th, after an impressive year in HIGH A in which he showed good power in a pitchers league and had impressive peripheral stats- including an improved walk rate and a low K rate. Well Nick the Stick is pounding AA pitching in the early going and so the Mets might have some options at 1st base next year other than a big free agent signing.

    3. Jon Niese | P

    Team: AA
    Born: 21 yrs old
    Ranking: Ranked 8th in the 2008 prospect handbook.
    Why Hes here: 1 win / 0.57 era / 15.2 innings / 14 ks / 4 bbs / 8 hits
    The Scoop: It looks like he is using the good vibes and impressive showing in MLB camp and channeling it into a dominant start in AA.

    4. Lucas Duda | 1b/of
    Team: HIGH A
    Born: 22 years old
    Ranking: 29th in the 2008 handbook
    Why hes here: .364/.435/.545 | 2 hr | 14 rbis
    The Scoop: The Dude was a big surprise in Brooklyn last year. Because even though Duda is a big dude he never showed any power in college and therefore was not an enthusiastic pick in the 7th round last year. Well with his good year in Brooklyn (in a pitchers league) and his early hammering in HIGH A (in a pitchers league) it might be time to start getting a little bit excited about The Dude.

    5. Dan Murphy | 3b
    Team: AA
    Born: 23 years old
    Ranking: 15th in the 2008 handbook
    Why hes here: .444/.492/.630 | 1 hr | 12 rbi | 14 runs | 5/6 k/bb
    The scoop: very disciplined, professional hitter; makes consistent contact through his short swing and sound approach. Coming off a solid year in HIGH A, he has come out of the gates raking in AA. Most impressive stat? the left handed hitting Murphy is killing lefties to the tune of a .522 average.(23 at bats)

    6. Dylan Owen | P
    Team: HIGH A
    Born: 21 yrs old
    Ranking: unranked
    Why hes here: 1 win / 1.69 era / 16 innings / 12 ks / 5 bbs / 13 hits
    The Scoop: Went unranked by BA despite a very impressive year in Brooklyn last year. Something tells me if he keeps it up so far this year in HIGH A that snub will be rectified.

    7. Ezequiel Carrera: CF
    Team: HIGH A
    Born: 20 years old
    Ranking: unranked
    Why Hes here: .259/.365/.370 | 7 runs | 4 sbs
    The Scoop: only 20 years old, the light hitting Ezequiel has moved up fast, from the GCL to Brooklyn last year to HIGH A this year and he has held his own so far. He is going to make his mark as a pesky, leadoff hitter, who can get on base, steal, and score runs. So far he is getting the job done.

    8. Jose Coronado: SS
    Team: AA
    Born: 22 years old
    Ranking: unranked
    Why hes here: .373/.429/.412 | 5 bb/5 ks
    The scoop: The switch hitting Coronado had a horrendous year in AA last year but hes gotten off to a tremendous start so far this year. More known for his defense; he started off hitting well from both sides of the plate with an impressive 5 walk to 5 k ratio.

    9. Carlos Muniz | RP
    Team: MLB/AAA
    Born: 27 years old
    Rankings: unranked
    Why Hes here: 6.1 innings | 4 hits | 2 bbs | 4 ks | 00.00 era | 2 saves
    The scoop: Carlos has spent a long time in the minors and most of it has been under the radar. His stuff isnt impressive but hes an intelligent, professional pitcher who provided the Mets with a solid couple of innings in the early going. He is now in AAA as the New Orleans closer.

    10. Jose Jimenez
    Team: Low A
    Born: 20 years old
    Rankings: unranked
    Why hes here: .224/.310/.469 | 3 hrs/3 2b | 11 rbi
    The scoop: the strikeouts are too high and the average isnt impressive But the 20 year old 3rd basemen is leading the Sand Gnats in homeruns, rbis and total bases.

    In the team photo: Raul Reyes, Jordan Abruzzo, Jacob Ruckle, Tim Stronach, Josh Peterson, Richard Lucas

    Helium Watch: Tim Stronach 8 innings with 9 ks only 1 walk. A good start out of nowhere, need more time and info to figure out if he is for real.

    Not so hot:

    Brahiam Maldonado : impressive in LOW A ball last year but he has gotten off to a rough start in St. Lucie(.180/.226/.240).
    Nathan Vineyard : ranked #9 by BA. ugly start so far. 14.63 era. 3/6 k/bb ratio in 8 innings.
    From nyfs, good stuff.

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    Mulvey is off to a nice start at AAA for Minny as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chad101 View Post
    Mulvey is off to a nice start at AAA for Minny as well.
    And that has what to do with the Mets?

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    It always feels good when the "Hot List" is way longer then the "Not so Hot" list.

    Still, they could have made that list longer had they tried. I'm suprised they gave Carrera so much love because I figure a player of his type has to hit nearly .300 to have value when you're probably going to slug under .425 for your career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JV51 View Post
    And that has what to do with the Mets?
    Just pointing out that Minny didn't do as bad to date as many thought in the trade with the METS for METS prospects.


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