ASTROS 1 - Mets 0 (24 INNINGS)

I am surprised I didn't see much mention of this in the media, but it makes me feel old that I remember it.

I meant to post this the other day..but needed to finish my taxes..but Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of this epic game.

Back when the Mets were still lovable losers..and in Gil Hodges only 5th game as Mets manager..the Mets managed to lose on an unearned run in the bottom of the 24th.

Tom Seaver pitched a 2 hit shutout over 10 innings (he was soooo good back then).

Tommy Agee and Ron Swoboda both went 0-10.

The top 4 hitters in the Mets lineup went 2 for 39.

Astros reliever Jim Ray pitched 7 innings..striking out 11.

Here is the box score from that game: