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Thread: Would You Consider Voting For a Third-Party Candidate?

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    Would You Consider Voting For a Third-Party Candidate?

    Seeing that there seems to be a good amount of distaste for various reasons amongst a good chunk of the population for the 3 major presidential candidates, it would appear that 2008 could be a year where a third-party, such as the Green Party or the Libertarians could make major strides in terms of voter awareness and support. I think it'd be interesting to get some sort of discourse started by , at what point would you seriously consider voting for a third-party candidate, and which hypothetical candidate or third-party would you like to see run?

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    If there was a viable one in the race, I would.

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    I voted for a 3rd party in the '96 GE....

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    Bob Barr former Republican Congressman from Georgia is seeking the nomination of the Libertarians. If he gets the nomination he will be my vote come November.

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    seeing as how the mainstream choices are "Bankrupt America A" and "Bankrupt America B", my answer is a resounding YES!

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    [QUOTE=Bullet Tooth Tony;2494570]Would You Consider Voting For a Third-Party Candidate?[/QUOTE]


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    in a heartbeat.....I mean, I was crazy enough to vote for Ross Peroe

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    Not bababooey and I resent the implication

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    Well that makes two of us!


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