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Thread: Two game series

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    Two game series

    What is going on with all of these two game series? I don't remember this many in previous years. It seems like a totally inefficient way to schedule games.

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    Yeah, I'm not a fan of them either. I think I got turned off when I attended a Yankees Rays game at the Trop last year and we lost both games. The 8 fans that the Rays had last year all were sitting next to me. And they all had brooms.

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    there has always been a couple 2 game series every year but they were between division rivals, i dont get these two game series against non divisional opponets, like the mets have just finished up there only trip to Wrigley this year and it only lasted for 2 games...WTF is that

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    The justification has to do with the All-Star Break.

    Apparently each year they put in 2 2-Game Series so that it doesn't mess with the rest of the schedule.

    I don't claim to understand why, because honestly I don't, but that's the reasoning apparently.


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