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Thread: I am looking for online business partner!

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    Exclamation I will coach only serious peple how to make USD100K/month online, for FREE


    This is your invitation to apply for one of these serious positions.

    I am looking for 10 people, who are committed to making $100,000 per
    month, every month.

    Now, through experience I know I will receive many responses to this email.

    And since I am only taking on 10 people, I will send you a qualification page.

    Once people have sent in their qualification page, I will choose the
    10 people I want to work with. (Early entry increases potential to be
    included in this quarter)

    I am giving freely up to 3 months of my close mentorship. After that
    you will no longer need my help or you will have dropped out of the

    What am I charging for this?


    That's right, nothing.


    Because your success will be my success.

    If you make $1,000, I will make $1,000.
    If you make $10,000, I will make $10,000
    If you make $100,000, I will make $100,000

    What does it take?

    Integrity, daily communication, work and most important: the ability
    to follow instructions well, (about 1 hour per day, until you reach
    the goal of $100,000 per month)

    What will your hard cost be?
    $20.00 per month plus any money you may pay for advertising.
    (It is not a requirement that you pay for advertising.)

    If you can't afford $20.00 plus a small advertising budget, you should
    not apply.

    If you are interested and committed to making $100,000 per month, copy
    and paste to me the email below now.

    (Serious people only please)

    Good luck,

    Send the email below to:

    In the subject line write: I want to qualify for the 100k project.

    Copy and paste the following message into the body:


    Please send me the qualification page for the $100K project.

    My name is:

    My email address is:

    (If you have Skype), my Skype name is
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