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Thread: Rush Takes Credit for Hillary's PA win

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    Rush Takes Credit for Hillary's PA win


    [QUOTE]One in ten voters say they changed party registration to vote in this year's Pennsylvania primary. Ten percent of the vote is huge. That would be five times the past high for a crossover vote with a closed primary. That's an absolutely huge number -- and once again, ladies and gentlemen, that is Operation Chaos. What did we learn from last night? Here's what we learned. Obama is weak. He cannot win the states that he must win big in November. He cannot win Reagan Democrats. [/QUOTE]

    Now, it seems to me completely plausible that a certain percentage of the crossover vote --which Rush pegs at 10% of turnout-- were mischief-minded Republicans.

    But Rush is citing the result as evidence that Obama is weak, while at the same time arguing that his own listeners manipulated the results. Those are mutually exclusive outcomes: If Limbaugh listeners --overwhelmingly white male working class types-- skewed the outcome more lopsided in Hillary's favor, then they --by definition-- also skewed the gap involving so-called Reagan Democrats in her favor as well, because at least some of those "Reagan Democrats" are Limbaugh listeners who are not Democrats at all and never would consider voting for a Dem for president.

    Likewise, the percentage of Clinton voters who say they wouldn't vote for Obama in the general election --a much-cited statistic-- would be grossly inflated by "Operation Chaos" folks if, in fact, they turned out in the numbers Rush claims. Yet he also cites that statistic as evidence of Obama's weakness.

    It's a fairly amusing adventure in circular logic.

    In any event, I do not think Obama would have won Pennsylvania anyhow. The Clinton brand has a powerful appeal to a large swath of Democratic voters there, clearly. And the various dustups over Wright and Bitter and whatnot were poorly timed. But if the margin was 5% instead of 9% the media discussion around the result would certainly be different.

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    Agreed on all counts..

    I've come to the conclusion that many on the right would prefer Hillary to Obama as President and aren't exactly expecting McCain to beat either..

    With fox news constantly bashing the guy, they are basically getting two opportunities to campaign against him..

    Also, the whole vetting arguement is kind of funny. Has any candidate had it this tough? He's campaigning against Hillary, but also has a former president actively campaigning against him in her Husband, plus now McCain and the RNC and I still believe that outside of Olberman, the media has been in Hillary's corner for sometime now..

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    Really don't think that Obama has had an unfair media against him. On the contrary, he's had it too easy until recently. When you hardest campaign question is "boxers or briefs?", the media isn't being too hard on you.

    Honestly, that goofy Saturday Night Live skit may have possibly changed the election. If nothing else, Obama is being asked harder questions now....which I really want someone running for POTUS to be able to answer.

    If he wins, the election, I will feel much better knowing that he was asked to answer tougher questions than he faced in the first 2 months of the primary season.

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    [QUOTE]Schneider: Did 'Operation Chaos' succeed in Indiana?
    Posted: 05:38 AM ET

    Limbaugh’s ‘Operation Chaos’ plan was to have republican voters temporarily cross over to vote in the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton.
    (CNN) – How big of an impact did Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Operation Chaos’ have in Indiana? Did GOP voters really cross over to create havoc in the Democratic primary by voting for Hillary Clinton, as he’d asked his listeners to do?

    Roughly one in ten of the state’s Democratic primary voters were Republican — and that group did vote for Hillary Clinton, 53 to 47 percent over Barack Obama. But hold on: registered Democrats, who made up two-thirds of Tuesday’s primary voters, gave roughly the same edge to Clinton, 53 to 45 percent. Only Independents — who made up about a quarter of the electorate — voted for Obama, 53 to 47 percent.

    For whatever reason, self-identified conservative voters did overwhelmingly support Clinton – two out of three cast their votes for the New York senator.

    From: CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider
    Filed under: Barack Obama[/QUOTE]


    I'm sure the gay boy from DailyKos is glad he started this all back in February...
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