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Thread: Gallop: Record high says U.S. invasion a mistake

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    [QUOTE=sackdance;2510546]Just like it was "proven" that Saddam never had WMD or ever coveted them?

    You have your favorite websites, right? Well, it's not 2002 - time to MOVEON.[/QUOTE]

    Not sure what your trying to say here .

    We all know at some point Saddam Coveted WMD's just like Iran does now. The big question is are they capable ? Up to this point they have not been capable. BTW I dont read as a matter of fact I never even visited the site once although I have heard about it. Im not a big fan of liberal websites but I guess becuase I say things aganist Bush and the way the war is so horribly being handled you just assume I must be a liberal. Right ?

    Also sackdance just so you know I actully saw President Bush make that statement live and in living color on a TV Pressconfrence

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    Wow, if Obama gets elected he can find the best foreign policy and military advisors right here on this lucky can he get??:yes::yes:


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