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Thread: Gas Prices: Blame it on environmentalists

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    Gas Prices: Blame it on environmentalists

    I know all you bleeding heart liberals can't put aside your commie roots and stop blaming "big oil", but we all know basically who's fault this is. I will list a set of facts and I dare you libs to refute them.

    1) Government makes more on a gallon of gas than oil companies. Federal, state and local taxes account for more than 20% of the price. 5% goes to "big oil" and the rest go to our "pals" in mexico, canada, venezuela and the garden spot of the world -- the middle east.

    2) I know libs have a hard time with capitalist economics, but the price of a product increases when demand for that product increases. There are two relatively new consumers of oil on the world stage -- india and china. And they are gobbling (and polluting) like there's no tomorrow. But that's okay, let's exempt them from any type of kyoto-style limitation on carbon emissions. Let's all blame America first for world pollution.

    3) Federal and state regulations force different blends of gas for each state and time of the year, driving up the price (imagine how much more expensive a car would be if they offered it in 1000 colors instead of 4 or 5).

    4) Liberal environmentalists prevent us from drilling and exploring our own sources of oil. America can't -- but it's mexico, cuba and china can drill and pollute until their hearts content -- just miles off our own coastline. As I write this, frank "worm-food" lautenberg is running re-election commerials bragging about how he prevented exploration of energy off the NJ coastline!

    5) Enviromentalists and liberal politicians prevent development of nuclear power. Remember jackson browne and his "no nukes" concerts of the 70's? More recently, alec baldwin took a break from berating his daughter to prevent the re-licensing of a nuke plant in southern Jersey.

    6) Environmentalists and liberal politicians prevent development/exploration of coal, propane, natural gas and other non-oil energy sources.

    7) Environmentalists and liberal politicians block development of hydroelectric power plants because they fear it will upset some wildlife in the rivers and lakes. I'm so glad I'm spending an extra $500-$800 a month in energy costs -- as long as the yellow-bellied sap-sucker can continue to molt!

    8) Environmentalists and liberal politicians prevent building of new, technologically advanced and cleaner refineries in the US.

    9) And now these very same liberals are screwing with our food supply and prices by pushing this biofuel nonsense. Great idea, let's increase the demand for corn to use more energy to produce a fuel that's less efficient than we currently use. Let's drive up the price of corn for this less efficient fuel so that meat producers have to raise their prices to afford to buy the feed that sustains the livestock. Then we can raise more taxes to subsidize the feed farmers. Brilliant!

    Next time you dig deeper into your pockets to fill your tanks, by all mean's curse "big oil". But don't leave out the real culprits for this mess -- BIG GOVERNMENT & LIBERALISM!

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    Liberal Derangement Syndrome.

    Almost as kooky, if not more entertaining, than Bush Derangement Syndrome.


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