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Thread: I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limolady View Post
    This is true. Throw in a couple of circus midgets & a donkey, we've got game.
    Ah, I see you visit the Late Night Crew thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chirorob View Post
    Actually, I'm an insurance salesman who pretends to be a heart surgery guy, who pretends to be a 20 year old female, who I then make fun of and say doesn't exist, but if she did exist I would love to "Empty my nuts in her" (whenever I hear that expression, I think of someone whose "emptying" would fill a teaspoon).

    I...... may...... or may not........ have other......... identities..........
    Thank God! I thought you were one of those quackopractor's!


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