From Drudge below.. George Stephanopoulos is hosting.

But the media's in the can for Obama

Thu May 01 2008 17:25:20 ET

Just hours before the Indiana and North Carolina presidential primaries, ABCNEWS has offered to air a 'town hall' meeting with Hillary Clinton -- to be hosted by former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos!

Embracing and racing through a brave new era of journalism, it is not clear if ABCNEWS will inform viewers of Stephanopoulos's past employment.

Stephanopoulos helped run Mr. Clinton's first presidential election campaign and acted as his press secretary and advisor on policy and strategy before joining ABC NEWS.

An executive at a rival network mocked, "We look forward to ABC holding the next town hall meeting with President Bush, hosted by Karl Rove!"

ABC will air the hour-long Hillary forum live from Indianapolis on Sunday.

"George has interviewed all the candidates time and time again and has put tough but fair questions to each," said a network spokesman. "Expect the same on Sunday."

The network hit controversy last month over the decision to allow Bill Clinton's former press secretary to moderate a debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- without any disclaimer.

Obama is scheduled to appear on NBC'S MEET THE PRESS, where he he is expected to receive a traditional grilling by host Tim Russert.