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Thread: Tigers pitcher Francisco Cruceta is a bad person

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    Tigers pitcher Francisco Cruceta is a bad person

    How dare he celebrate a strikeout in the 9th inning when they are down 5-2.

    What a hot dog.

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    Announcers didn't say anything about it. They were complete morons but I was expecting at least a mention of it.

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    No one cares about Detroit's only baseball team on Saturday. But if there second rate team they didn't have, had an off day, and there best team with a storied history lost a game, and the newspapers forced there writers into thinking that they have to have a story, and there radio personalities bought into ratings, best believe it would be a HUGE ISSUE.

    Journalists aren't human. And if you took a journalist class and believe that they are hardworking people with a heart, you lose.


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