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Thread: GOSSAGE- It's Just Joba being.....a moron

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    GOSSAGE- It's Just Joba being.....a moron

    Finally- A baseball purist, who happens to be the 2nd best Yankee reliever of all-time....calls out these showboats.

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    Who cares one way or another. This is just like people getting on Reyes for his dancing, or getting on Miledge for slapping hands with the fans.

    Not a big deal at all, not even worthy of the attention it gets. I am less of a person for even responding to this.

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    This ain't the 1970's anymore.

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    This is seriously getting annoying. It i snot like Joba is the only one to do this...why is it a story?? Yankee haters.

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    Joba's really got you catchin' feelin's huh tuck. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    I'm so tired of hearing so much about something that shouldn't even be an issue. It's getting ridiculous.

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    agreed, stupid should've been over days ago. My bad..

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    Goose throws heat at Joba

    May 13

    Now Goose Gossage thinks Joba celebrates too much. “When I broke into the big leagues, I didn’t say two words all year,” he said.

    That was in 1972. Obviously baseball players should act like they did nearly 40 years ago.

    There are few things more tedious than old ballplayers saying that things were better in their day. Reggie Jackson was a model of unselfish decorum, right Goose? Your old manager, Billy Martin, always a class guy, right?

    The kid turns around, pumps his fist and yells and people act like he chases the hitter back to the dugout and smacks him in the head like one of the Three Stooges. Joba does nothing different than 100 other players in the majors.

    Here is all you need to know: Nobody is more old school and straightlaced than Joe Girardi. He has a crew-cut, goes to church and never curses. His idea of a wild time is giving his kids extra ice cream.

    Joe Girardi thinks Joba is just fine. That should be good enough for anybody.

    Congrats on the Hall of Fame, Goose. But leave the kid alone. 1972 was a long time ago.
    Goose also thinks Joba should stay in the bullpen, Goose also thought Joba's name was "Bubba" when he was talking about Joba staying in the bullpen.

    Goose should enjoy the Hall of Fame, and leave coaching and the decisions to Joe, his staff, and the Yankees.

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    LOL Yankee blogs, the voice of reason.

    Let it go kid. Life will offer up opinions other than yours.

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    That blog could be the most respected one in baseball.


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