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Thread: Do you play an instrument and live in CT?

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    Do you play an instrument and live in CT?

    Dear JI Faithful;

    I am a 23 year old composition major currently studying as a Grad Student at CCSU in New Britain. Since I write music both for business and pleasure, I write then produce / oversee recording on my own projects constantly. I have been making a push recently for more acoustic music in recording. I write anything and everything from pop to classical and there are constantly two to three projects "in the fire" at any given time.

    I am constantly looking for quality musicians to meet, discuss/rehearse the part, and then lay down a track in a longer session or two. YOU WILL BE PAID an amount that we can work out.

    I am currently looking for:

    -Cellists (Immediate need)
    -Double Bassists (again, Immediate need)
    -Bass Guitarists
    -Electric Guitarists, both of the smooth Jazz and shredding schools
    -Brass of all kinds
    -Saxophone, especially BARITONE SAX (There is an opening for an excellent Bari Sax player RIGHT NOW)
    -Clarinet (One current piece calls for two Bb Clarinets)
    -Keyboardists with Harpsichord experience (IE, no sustain pedal)
    -Dobroists very comfortable with reading music **** <<< (has been very hard to find)
    -Percussionists, especially those comfortable with Marimba and other tonal percussion
    -VOCAL TALENT of all kinds. Male pop / rock voices currently coveted for a project later this summer. Female Altos are always fantastic to network with because of various timbral needs for pop. (I say Female not to be "obvious" but because I am currently working with a professional male alto on a project!)

    I AM NOT forming a band. I have little current interest in performing venues. Perhaps later in my life when I can focus on it. As a pianist for my entire life, I can easily say that the practice required for constant performance is not something I have time for with all this composition.

    BUT: I'd love to network and find talent living in CT (preferably near central CT, since the studio used is in Middletown) so that I can call upon you when the perfect part presents itself for recording.

    You must be able to:
    1) Read Music, not necessarily "pressure cooker 'first time right' style" but be able to learn from sheet music over a period of a week or so.
    2) Attend 3 Practices with just you and me before the recording date.
    3) Provide your own transportation to and from the studio.

    I will always provide:
    1) Places for us to meet, discuss and practice
    2) A MIDI file of your part only, A file with your part in the song, And a file of your part taken out of the song so you can play along (3 files) ALONG WITH the sheet music
    3) Payment we agree to.

    Feel free to PM me regarding any questions, including payment details. This is a "cake" opportunity because in recording there can be many takes and these pieces are still "live" and open to interpretation.

    Thank you!

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    Sounds cool. Good luck bro..

    I'm a hack guitarist in southern jersey, so I can't be of assistance, but I just anted to say good stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTM View Post
    Sounds cool. Good luck bro..

    I'm a hack guitarist in southern jersey, so I can't be of assistance, but I just anted to say good stuff...
    Shameless bump. Thank you for the well wishes. I really, really wish I had guitar skills. I currently play a 3/4 size with a "warped forward" fretboard on open D tuning with a brass slide and I just have fun playing chords.

    When re-reading my post, I realize it seems like I'm looking for only the best musicians.

    Not true at all. Some of the greatest recording musicians are the ones that produce a good, round tone. Except for the Bari Sax piece, the pieces I write are pretty simple because they can be; when you have a multi-instrument texture, you are writing horizontally (for phrasing) as well as vertically (for chord agreement). One "band or orchestra style" instrumentalist usually only has to worry about one simple(ish) phrase to the next.

    Unorthodox performers, like my current STAR alto, are not technically perfect or even trained but they work with me to create a unique sound with music that's only as challenging as your interpretation of it.

    There are 3 new pop / rock pieces that will be recorded late summer/early fall. There will immediately be a demand for a strings, a guitar and male vocals. I could always fall back on the talent pool at CCSU or Wesleyan but I realize some of the most underrated musicians out there are actually over the age of 24 (shocker, right? ) or not in the college scene and might enjoy a chance to relax with a fun piece.

    Do not be shy. I am "below average" for a college pianist but I love to collaborate. People have contributed major intellect to my pieces and its so much fun.

    Its also some EASY MONEY!


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