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  • Byron Scott

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Thread: Who is the best...

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    Who is the best...

    Manager of the Mets. It's great that we started a trend with Hermantor by giving an African American an opportunity to be a professional coach. Subsequently the Knicks hired Isiah Thomas/Knicks, Byron Scott/Nets and Mets hired Willie Randolph. Next move is Curtis Martin as a Owner. I'm all for him returning to the Jets in whatever form he deems. He and Pennington are exemplanary model citizens.

    He had a good run, but they are vastly underachieving. They need to apply for AARP. Omar made some bold moves and turned this franchise into a Latino, Caucasian, and African Mix. However, so far Willie doesn't have what it takes this year. Reyes baffles everyone...all that talent yet laziness and show boating (not running out all ground and flyballs and showboating in the face of other teams.

    Time to cut Delgado, Valentin, Moises plug him in for 60 games he can hit till he's 50.

    Herm is comparable to Willie in that he is a players coach and not firey and Caughlin type.

    The mets need a change but who can take over?

    1. Keith Hernandez
    2. Wally Backman
    3. Gary Carter
    4. Bobby Valentine
    5. Lenny Dykstra
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