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Thread: Hypothetical trade for Mets

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    Hypothetical trade for Mets

    Carlos Beltran to the Cubs for Rich Hill and Felix Pie

    Why it works for the Cubs: Carlos Beltran immediately upgrades the Cubs and makes them the clear favorite in the NL. His defense and bat is a huge upgrade. Adding a LH bat to a predominantly RH power lineup helps. They could afford his contract.

    Why it works for the Mets: Beltran is in his supposed prime right now, but in two years he will be another overpaid aging player. The Mets would be picking up a solid LH arm in Hill who slots into the rotation for the near future, and a five tool prospect like Pie who could develop into a star. The Mets get Beltran's 17 million off the books, giving them the capital to go after Tiexiera or any other FA in the offseason.

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    I voted no. Not because I am against trading a ton of guys on this team (i would start with Reyes), but because I don't think SP is a problem and I really don't like Rich Hill to begin with.

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    Id pull the trigger on this trade. Mets need a shake up. Beltran is not taking them anywhere.

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    Can we give them Castillo and Delgado also?

    But seriously, I would do that trade.

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    I'm not a Mets fan so I won't vote, but it's an interesting trade idea. Never going to happen of course, but it makes some sense.

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    If Pie and Hill had shown more, maybe. That trade though can wait until we are done this season contention wise.

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    I think you can get more from a contender down the road

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    1. Beltran has a NTC.
    2. He's one of the best CFers in baseball, why would you trade him at low value? He's been bad this year, although he has had a decent May. Power numbers haven't been there this season but there is a lot of time for him to turn it around.

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    I don't think trading Beltran is good for the Mets.

    A) He's 31 years old...not exactly filling out AARP papers, will be 34 on the day his contract expires.
    B) Despite all the criticism he still has an .853 OPS in May, right in line with his career numbers. I don't believe he is on the decline.
    C) By trading him, you're not going to get fair compensation because of his contract. Only about 10 teams can even afford him, most of which have no need for a CF. If we could actually get that offer, I might consider it just for the financial flexability, but quite honestly I'm none too impressed with Pie. I'd be more inclined to accept if we could get a different prospect (Eric Patterson and then ship off Castillo for whatever we can get?), even if it leaves a hole in CF. Being as we'd be talking about a rebuilding project.

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    GREAT catch by Beltran tonight. Saved 2 runs.


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