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Thread: All star game - Full of Red Sucks?

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    All star game - Full of Red Sucks?

    go to MLB and vote for Yankees.
    Right now 6 Red Sox are leading the voting - Can you imagine 6 red sox starting the all star game at YANKEE Stadium.

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    I really don't care about this.

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    Couldn't pick one spot for this? Anyone that reads the MLB section reads the Strip section too.

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    If Varitek is voted in, that's a complete farce.

    Joe Mauer should be in the spot for the next 10.

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    I don't care about Sox or Yankees being in there, I'd just like the most deserving players starting. The fact that Josh Hamilton isn't starting is a joke.

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    For the NL, Griffey there is a joke and no Mets besides Wagner has deserved an all star bid so far.


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