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Side bar from Hershiser:

First, the mind-set for Joba Chamberlain, who makes his first start tonight against Toronto, is the strikeout isn't as important in terms of getting hitters out because it takes more pitches. With a pitch count somewhere between 65-70, he should look to get first- and second-pitch outs. He needs to be very efficient, get ahead of hitters and not use as many set-up pitches.

The second thing to watch for is easier said than done. The Yankees want Chamberlain to bring along his curveball and changeup, but working on secondary pitches makes you throw more pitches -- so it's tough to develop pitches and be efficient at the same time, especially on a pitch count.

Third, he will need to back off the intensity a little bit. Chamberlain is animated as a reliever, but carrying that kind of energy for a long period of time can wear you down. There's a different mentality and pacing as a starter compared to hitting the microwave button and being ready to go from the bullpen.

I'd tell him he needs to be himself, use his fastball and slider and build his endurance and arm strength. Once he gets to where he can throw 100 pitches, then he can develop and bring along other pitches; you don't want to try and accomplish too many goals in the first outing, and the Yankees have outlined a lot of goals -- build endurance, develop the curve and changeup. You just can't do all of that in one outing. Chamberlain needs to be efficient, get ahead of hitters and not grind on having to establish his curve and changeup.

And, at least for this outing, he is going to put a strain on the bullpen since he's on a pitch count and manager Joe Girardi is likely going to have to go to a bullpen that no longer includes Chamberlain.

If he tires the second or third time through the lineup, then that will be something new for Chamberlain because he's going to have to learn how to get hitters out when he's fatigued. Still, he's done an exceptional job dealing with all the chaos surrounding whether he should start or set up Mariano Rivera. More importantly, he has exceptional stuff, has had a great deal of success in his brief time in the big leagues and pitches with such poise. And great ability brings great poise.