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Thread: OT: The Happening

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    [QUOTE=Eversteady;2577971]Hayden Christiansen is beyond awful. Phooey on George Lucas for not realizing this guy had to be replaced after "Attack of the Clones."[/QUOTE]

    When you're spending 300,000 man hours on special effects does it really make a difference?

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    [QUOTE=sourceworx;2577872]Ok I'll give you that.

    Joaquin as Johnny Cash was possibly the worst casting job I've ever seen.[/QUOTE]

    Wow, couldn't disagree more. Huge Cash fan as well. Well, with movies-TV-music, it's all subjective.

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    Seeing it tonight.

    Anyone see it? How was it?

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    I didn't like it. 3/10. I respect M. Night since he writes, produces, and directs all his own movies but unlike Cameron, he usually fails to deliver on his interesting premesis. I enjoyed The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable but since then I haven't liked his other offerings (Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water, and The Happening).


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