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Thread: Best/Favorite Video Game Ever

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    1. [B]Goldeneye [/B](n64) Best, most entertaining multi-player game of it's era. Its not even close.
    2. [B]Madden 07[/B] (ps2) My favorite franchie, and I think it was the best of the ps2 versions. I hate the gameplay on the ps3 versions.
    3. [B]Call of Duty 4 [/B](ps3) Most fun I've had playing a shooter game since Goldeneye.
    4. [B]Mario Kart[/B] (n64) Just a classic that almost everyone can enjoy.
    5. [B]Griffey Baseball [/B](n64) My favorite baseball game ever.

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    Final Fantasy VII by far it pretty much revolutionized the role playing genre


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