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Thread: Why Kellen Clemens Needs to Start

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    [QUOTE=DowntownScience;2583556]I'm sorry, but I thought I had read that [B]CP was throwing balls off the dirt in OTA's[/B]? [/QUOTE]

    Come on, it was the damn receivers not running the right routes.

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    [QUOTE=wam;2584297]Pennington is a warrior. He would have a bounce back season, no doubt. Clemens will be given the first shot, but we will see Pennington at some point in the season.[/QUOTE]

    And Xena was a warrior...but she had a better arm...!

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    [QUOTE=EY;2584303]What does this even mean?[/QUOTE]

    Intangible. You know, like how smart he is.


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