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Thread: Bill Cowher's thoughts on Faneca...

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    [QUOTE=FF2;2583965]Get used to Cowher. He'll be in NY soon enough.[/QUOTE]

    He's already in NY a lot, CBS broadcasts from there:D

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    [QUOTE=METER;2583974]He's already in NY a lot, CBS broadcasts from there:D[/QUOTE]

    He'll be spending more time in NJ. ;)

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    [QUOTE=titanbuoy;2583514]found this on's fantasy football site. It's not much but I thought it might be of interest...

    (interview being conducted by David Richards, CBS senior fantasy football hack)

    Here's a link, but I don't know if it will work (it's a paid site)


    This is all bull****. We got the very same thing from ADRIEN CLARKE!!!!:rolleyes:

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    Man I hope Cowher is right! Our line needed a lot of help last year! Hopefully the revamped line will greatly improve our running & passing game. :yes:


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