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Thread: OT: AT&T U Verse Installation

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    OT: AT&T U Verse Installation

    Living here in California the choices for high speed Internet was only Time Warner cable. After watching my bill slowly increase over the months I grew frustrated and decided to look at other options. I decided therefore to switch to AT&T;U Verse, a fiber optic option for Internet and TV, which is also based on the Web.

    The installation took about two hours since my house was prewired for Optic. The brains of the system is a wireless router which sits behind my iMac. I have the 10.1 download and 1.5 upload which was the same as Time Warner. Setting up the wireless was east and fast. The only issue I had was that the installer had to call the office to “Open port 25” for sending eMail from my .Mac and GMail accounts.

    The quality of picture on my TV is great and I can pull up photo’s that I have uploaded on my FLICKER account. In addition since AT&T;is aligned with Yahoo! I can pull up thing on my TV (sports, Stock) that I have set up in my Yahoo home page.

    They gave me a $175 credit for signing up and since the install date had to be moved back they gave me another $100 credit. It’s nice to have an option that is less expensive than TW cable (all in all this will be $30 a month less expensive).

    If you decide to switch just remember to have the installer call to “open port 25” so you can send mail from Mac Mail

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    all's well that ends well.

    Weren't you throwing a hissy fit about this a week ago?

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    ... sounds good, it should be launched down here in the A-T-L in the next 3-6 months ...


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    [QUOTE=person;2584464]all's well that ends well.

    Weren't you throwing a hissy fit about this a week ago?[/QUOTE]

    Yes I was. I have seen people who really want an iPhone stay away from AT&T because of their really poor customer service. But to keep me as a U Verse new customer they gave me another $100 credit. I guess they heard the concern and are really trying.


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