[QUOTE]Another poll is showing that Barack Obama could potentially win Virginia, a historically red state that has been trending Democratic and would represent a major breakthrough if the Dems could pick it up.

The numbers from Public Policy Polling (D): Obama 47%, McCain 45%, within the 3.3% margin of error. This is on top of a Rasmussen poll from two days ago, which gave Obama a one-point lead.

[B][COLOR="Red"]Although this state hasn't voted Dem since 1964, the Obama campaign is aggressively targeting it thanks to the Democratic growth in northern Virginia. Local geographic shifts like this -- combined with the Obama campaign's big treasury, which allows Obama to compete aggressively in more states than past Dems have -- suggest that the map of competitive states really may be much broader than usual this year[/COLOR][/B].[/QUOTE]


Competitive states = a state that the republicans won in '04